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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gay Man Saves Muehlenberg's Life

OK so this hasn't literally just happened - but the thing is, it probably will.

Teen genius Jack Andraka has developed an accurate, quick and inexpensive method to detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer. He'd done all that by the time he was 15.

Oh, and Andkara is also gay. He's out and proud.

Andkara's brilliant medical research and methodology will save countless lives, including many Christians'. If Bill Muehlenberg is consistent, when faced with illness, he will turn down any diagnostic tests developed by Andkara and take his chances with cancer instead, perhaps praying for a cure and seeing how far that gets him. But of course, he won't be consistent here, just as he isn't consistent in using a computer (the science of computing was invented by Alan Turing - a gay atheist) or indeed the internet (invented by Tim Berners Lee - an atheist).

The cognitive dissonance of Muehlenberg and others like them is such that they can block out inconvenient facts that don't support their bigoted worldview, even extending to the tools they use to spread their poison.

Interestingly, Andraka was recently honoured by the Vatican as a good teen role model! Even the Catholic Church is beginning to learn (better late than never) that gay people aren't evil but worthy of treating with respect. The more time passes and education reaches even the religious, the more Bill Muehlenberg increasingly rants on his own, becoming nastier and nastier and more and more fantastical in his denouncements of his fellow human beings who happen to be gay.

The truth is, Jack Andraka is worth a million Muehlenbergs. Before his sixteenth birthday, Andraka had contributed to the human race in incredible fashion, keeping families together longer and improving the health of the human population. Who knows what else he might go on to achieve in his lifetime? Whereas Muehelberg has spent his lifetime on his knees; not doing something worthwhile like giving good head, but grovelling to a non-existent deity. By the time he dies, within twenty years probably, what will he have contributed to humanity? What will be his legacy other than a million articles attacking gay people and a book of lies he spent twenty years on that nobody has read?

Who most to admire: Andraka or Muehlenberg? Who is the better role model for children? A no-brainer.

In his latest hate-fuelled rant, Time To Stop Promoting This Deathstyle (see what he did there? Not only does he dismiss being gay as a "lifestyle" but he uses scare-mongering tactics to pretend that being gay will lead to an early death) Muehlenberg shuffles his usual cards around. He comes to the conclusion that as some young gay men are promiscuous, and are HIV positive, then nobody should be allowed to be gay, and all gay men are the same.

Where is there an article on CultureWatch where Bill decries promiscuity amongst straight young people? I don't have any issue with that - it's none of my business. But you'd think that if Bill is appalled by all sex outside of marriage he would spend at least some of his time and energy attacking young people, especially Christians, who sleep around a lot.

Back to congitive dissonance. He doesn't attack such people because he's only interested in attacking gay people. That's essentially what his "ministry" is. If the vast majority of gay people lead lives like saints, it wouldn't make the blindest bit of difference to Bill Muehlenberg. He's so steeped in hatred and bigotry towards his fellow human beings who happen to be gay he's incapable of articulating anything else.

So when gay man Jack Andraka saves Muehlenberg's life, the real tragedy is that the irony will be lost on Muehlenberg.

It's a shame Andraka's test will work on Xtian fundies; but whereas scientists work for philanthropic reasons, religiotards like Muehlenberg are only interested in their own glory and pushing their own cancerous worldview. It's why people increasingly respect science and abhor religion, and why Muehlenberg screams even louder for attention.


  1. "if Bill is appalled by all sex outside of marriage" - I am more appalled at the prospect that Bill has had sex (that though alone is scary), may have reproduced and inflicted his mindset on his offspring.

    1. Bill's offspring are curiously mute. I'm willing to bet at least one of them can't stand their father's bullying ways.