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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

So what should we do with all the 'homonazis', Bill?

Over the last few days, Bill Muehlenberg has been going into overdrive with his anti-gay agenda.

I've already posted about his homophobic videos on Youtube and the censorship he has indulged in, marking as "spam" any comments that don't agree with his agenda of denying rights to gay people. He has now blocked me altogether from posting, since I had been responding to some other commentators. Muehlenberg is so concerned that people will hear the truth about him that this is his response:

For someone who bleats about free speech being shut down and Xtians targeted, he wins the gold star for hypocrisy. It's interesting too that in his videos he talks about 'homosexuals' and 'homosexual marriage' and saves his mud-slinging ad hominems like 'homonazi' and 'homofascist' for his written articles, perhaps in a failed attempt to sound reasonable and not motivated by hate?

He's also doing his nut because 'reparative' 'therapy', the crank Christian voodoo that claims (and fails) to 'convert' gay people into straight people is in the process of being outlawed. The quack 'therapy' is abusive to gay people and has led to despair and suicide in those who have fallen victim to the peddlers of this fraud.

In "Labor/Green Hatred and Intolerance" (a justified title, of course: refusing to allow Christians to torture and persecute gay people is motivated by hatred and intolerance of Christians - obviously!) Bill states,
The New South Wales Labor Party and the Greens have combined to demonstrate their full commitment to promoting the homosexual agenda and standing against any Christian institutions which dare to resist it. They have shown their contempt for the people of NSW as they work together to push the radical homosexualist game plan throughout the state.
OMG! What have the homonazis been up to now, Billy? Do tell us! Are they creating concentration camps for Christians? Are they trying to turn Christians into atheists? Are they forcing all men to have bum sex?
They have supported a motion to leave people trapped in unwanted same-sex attraction, and are working together to target Christian schools which seek to run according to their own faith-based beliefs and values.

Oh. That's it? So much for 'homonazis', I thought for a minute something unreasonable was going down.

Since Exodus International admitted its thirty-year history was bunk, and apologised for the huge amount of damage it had cause in the lives of gay people, the evil quackery of "reparative" "therapy" has been exposed for what it is - a racket run by quacks that abuse the vulnerable.

Muehlenberg quotes:
Greens MP Jamie Parker spoke strongly against the homophobic practice.“Mr Parker said: ‘Ex-gay therapy is incredibly harmful and shamefully homophobic and it must be rejected and called out. Homosexual relationships must be equal not just before the law but also in the esteem and respect we afford them in our communities and our own interpersonal relationships. We must stand up strongly against the damaging prejudices that are inherent in therapies like this. It’s not good enough to look the other way – we need end it and speak out against it loudly and unequivocally.”

To which Bill's response is:
Wow, one almost feels like offering up the ol’ Sieg Heil after a rant like that. Spoken like true fascists alright.

It's hard to fathom how Bill's mind works. He sees fascism and intolerance in everything, apart from where it actually lies, in his own behaviour.
The simple truth is many thousands of homosexuals who have wanted such help have successfully gotten what they were looking for: a way out of a dead-end and harmful lifestyle, and genuine freedom to be who they were meant to be as men and women.

Bill's "simple truth" is of course, anything but. It's no more impossible for a gay person to have straight sex than it is for a Jewish or Muslim person to eat bacon. But what certainly hasn't changed after "therapy" is a gay person's orientation. They may marry a member of the opposite sex to keep religious bullies and bigots like Muehlenberg happy, but how fulfilling a marriage must it be if the husband has to fantasise he's with a man in order to have sex with his wife? A recipe for disaster? It so often is. Anyone interested in the subject should read the works of Dr Mel White, a gay Christian who's been through it all.

Don't take my word for it though. This is what Alan Chambers, for years the president of Exodus International, the leading authority on "ex-gay" quackery had to say about the success of his decades in the field:
The majority of people that I have met, and I would say the majority meaning 99.9% of them have not experienced a change in their orientation or have gotten to a place where they could say that they could  never be tempted or are not tempted in some way or experience some level of same-sex attraction.

Muehlenberg is never one for letting the facts get in the way of pushing his agenda though. He regularly trots out the myth of the "ex-gays" (they may be with members of the opposite sex but their orientation hasn't miraculously changed) as his trump card:
But that is just unacceptable to the Green brownshirts, or reds, or whatever colour they really are. They know that the reality of so many ex-homosexuals gives lie to their entire campaign. It proves all their baloney about people being born that way and unable to change is just that – so much PC baloney.

Yet when the vast majority of gay people say they didn't choose their sexuality and could no more change it than they could change the colour of their skin, Muehlenberg is happy to dismiss them as "liars", because they don't fit in to his neat worldview, just as he conveniently ignores the testimony of those like Alan Chambers who know a damned sight more than he does about the "ex-gay" racket. Yes, those LGBT people tortured, executed, brutally murdered, forced from their homes and careers, rejected by their families in intolerant and always religious countries have "chosen" such a fate, and could just as easily have "chosen" to be straight. Whatever you say, Bill. Whatever lame lie fits your tiny worldview.

Bill's not finished yet being angry at those gays though:
The other example of bigotry and intolerance from NSW also has to do with the homosexual agenda being used as a trump card over everyone else, in this case Christian schools: “NSW Labor will throw its support behind a push to abolish controversial laws that allow private schools to expel or discriminate against gay or transgender students.
So does Bill think such schools should be able to expel pupils just for being gay? You bet, and much more besides:
Christian schools can no longer uphold their own beliefs and practices, but must bow down to those of the homosexualists... So if a student breaks the rules of a Christian school by living a known sinful lifestyle, the school can do zilch about it. The Labor/Green tyrants might as well tell the schools if they have students committing other blatant sins, be it fornication, adultery, theft, or lying, the school has no right whatsoever to discipline them in any way, or see them removed from their schools... All they seem to want is a totalist homosexual state.

Um, no Bill. Nobody wants a "totalist homosexual state", whatever that even is. But when Bill supports measures to get rid of children from schools, to deny them an education, to have them expelled for something they can't help, had no choice in, and which is normal and legitimate, he is exposing the frightening nature of his homophobic and truly fascist agenda.

I have asked the question before on this blog as to what Muehlenberg would ideally like to see. All he ever does is throw his toys out of the pram because 1) gay people exist and ii) most western countries are starting to treat their gay citizens with dignity and respect. These two things terrify Muehlenberg.

Whilst he has regularly spoken out in favour of the Russian policy, where gay people are legally evicted from their homes just for being gay, where they lose their jobs if their employer finds out they're gay, and where the police turn a giant blind eye to the vigilante torture and murder of countless LGBT people: if this is what Muehlenberg views as an expression of good against "evil" why doesn't he come out and say it?

Why doesn't Muehlenberg actually come out and say what he thinks should be the fate of gay people in a world in which he had political power?

Muehlenberg won't be honest about this because he knows if he is he will leave himself open to be arrested for hate crimes. That's how dangerous his opinions are, and why this blog exists to expose them.

Don't believe me? Head over to CultureWatch and ask him. I'll bet you he'll either censor you or evade the question.


  1. Why didn't you allow the websites that I posted in this blog? I wasn't trying to spam you. Instead, I was trying to warn you about those anti-anti-bully people/

    1. Hi, I thought it was spam. This blog is about religious bigotry, a very specific form of bullying, and most particularly about the shameless propaganda and hate campaigns of Bill Muehlenberg. I'd rather keep it on that topic, though I don't condone bullying of any kind.