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Friday, 15 November 2013

The Biggest Lie Muehlenberg Tells About Gay People... and Why he Tells It

Bill Muehlenberg's latest homophobic article peddles once again the biggest lie he tells against gay people - Objects of Extreme Hate: Ex-Homosexuals.

Yes, Bill is once again peddling the lie that people can switch sexualities. Though of course, with these folk, it's only ever a switch from homosexual to heterosexual that's possible, never of course the other way round.

If Bill stopped to think about it for a minute, claiming that sexuality is a choice, as he does, he should be able to stop what he's doing and be gay for five minutes and see how he likes it. No, Bill? Is that not how it works? But I thought you said sexuality was a choice?

As usual, the religious bigots want to have it both ways.
That the militant homosexual lobby is expert at hatred and spewing forth venomous bile at anyone who dares to differ is of course well known
says Bill, who is of course well known for the courtesy and friendliness with which he speaks to those who disagree with him, and the decent and reasonable language he uses about people he disagrees with. He'd never stoop to name-calling like 'homonazis' or 'homofascists', would he? Oh, wait...

Here's the whopping great lie Bill once again tells:
The fact that so many have fully left the homosexual lifestyle obviously gives lie to the myth that homosexuals cannot change. I know many of these folks personally. They were deeply into the homosexual lifestyle, but have now been set gloriously free... 
Let's quote Alan Chambers again about the victims of Exodus International. Chambers was the man who was deeply into "reparative" "therapy", the abusive Christian quackery that claims to "pray away the gay". Chambers was for decades involved with the now-discredited and defunct Exodus International, the biggest money-spinner of the whole fraudulent ex-gay industry:
The majority of [ex-gay people] that I have met, and I would say the majority meaning 99.9% of them, have not experienced a change in their orientation…The vast majority of people that I know do still experience some level of same-sex attraction.
Whilst it's perfectly possible for gay people to live a lie and engage in sham straight relationships - the majority of gay people do before coming out - it doesn't meant their orientation has changed, it only means they have to suppress it by living a lie. I commented to this effect on Bill's article. Here's the evidence:

Was it a foul-mouthed, evidence-free rant? No. I simply presented an awkward fact that blows out of the water Bill's whole argument that gay people can just magically "change" into straight people.

Do you think he posted the comment? Or do you think he censored it? Well done, you win a cigar.

The reason Bill Muehlenberg simply can't post comments like that is because they expose his bigotry and deep-rooted hatred of gay people. If Muehlenberg can persuade himself, and worse still, others, that gay people can be changed, then they can justify their bigotry to themselves. Muehlenberg, as we know, doesn't react well to being corrected or shown where he is wrong. He reacts very, very badly to anyone disagreeing with him about anything.

The sad truth is that Bill Muehlenberg has devoted his whole meaningless life to a constant campaign of hatred against gay people. For him to accept that sexuality is an immutable trait that can't be changed is to be forced to accept that he has waged a bitter and bigoted crusade against people for a facet of their personality they couldn't possibly change. To acknowledge such a truth would be to force him to look at himself truthfully.

This is the sort of quote Bill loves to see and will readily publish, from Franklin Wood:
Dear Bill, homosexuals can obviously reform themselves if they have the will power and support.
You'll notice that Wood supplies no evidence, just blind, ignorant assertion, which is precisely what Muehlenberg claims his critics always do. Funny how he doesn't mind when it's someone who supports his bigoted worldview.

The comment suggests that all gay people need to do is try harder to be straight. It's believing this sort of idiocy that the religious right engage in in order to justify to themselves their hatred of gay people. They have, in their warped minds, brought their hatred and intolerance on themselves, since all gay people have to do is pull their socks up and stop ruining it for all the good straight folk.

Muehlenberg will hide behind his self-deceit and his bigotry whilst the world around him changes. Since educated people now realise that homosexuality is an immutable and harmless trait, western countries have gradually stopped persecuting their gay citizens and extended equal rights to them, which is the sort of civilising progress that keeps Muehlenberg and other bigots awake at night.

If Muehlenberg had his way, homosexuality would be a criminal offence punishable by death. After all, as gay people "choose" to be gay, and could easily be "converted" to be straight, then there's just no excuse for it, is there?

Face up to your bigotry, Bill, and stop peddling evil lies against your fellow humans.


  1. Love it. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for saying so, Mikey. I appreciate it. :)

  3. Bill Muehlenberg’s trashy article has been re-posted on VirtueOnline, and it is possible to comment on there without having your comment censored – at the moment, anyway.

    1. Many thanks Guglielmo. I have just left a comment but it is now being "moderated", so it looks like they're not interested in honesty either! Unsurprising, since Christians have so much to cover up. Some of the comments there (yours excluded) are truly frightening.

    2. Actually you comment was posted, complete with the link to this blog. So your accusation of "looks like they're not interested in honesty" is unfounded.


    3. Is it still there AMPisAnglican? Did it survive a single day? No, no it didn't. My comment was censored and deleted. A retraction from you is in order, as is an admission that they're not interested in honesty. I'm waiting.