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Sunday, 22 December 2013

People Bill Muehlenberg hates

Let’s compile a list:
  • Gays
  • Muslims
  • Atheists
  • Liberals
  • Liberal Christians
  • Anyone who disagrees with him

Basically, that covers anyone who isn’t actually Bill Muehlenberg, or anyone who doesn’t share his exact bigoted right-wing worldview.

It’s interesting that Muehlenberg’s family is never anywhere to be seen. I’ll bet that the Muehlenberg household is set up so that nobody else is allowed a say in anything and has to conform to Bill’s patriarchal ideal. It’s been well-publicised that he advocates using physical violence against children as a parenting method, so presumably he is speaking from personal experience. Did he beat his three sons to ‘punish’ them for ‘sins’?

Isn’t it weird that in this day and age there’s no trace of any of Muehlenberg’s three sons on social media anywhere. They certainly aren’t friends with their father on Facebook. I suspect Bill prefers it that way. He’d rather his sons were entirely silent and invisible lest one of them should hold, or worse still, express an opinion he doesn’t agree with. And where is his subservient wife?

As anyone who’s studied the scientific research will know, the more sons you have, the greater the probability that one of the younger ones will be gay. What a frightening prospect for Muehlenberg’s youngest son if that proved to be the case. He would know for certain that his father would ostracise him, and probably worse out of ‘punishment’. Muehlenberg never admits that he is wrong, less still even the possibility that such a thing could occur; so he’d sacrifice his son rather than his lifetime’s devotion to superstitious bigotry. We can only hope that Muehlenberg’s sons don’t become just another statistic, as they would certain find no support from their father if they don’t turn out exactly like him.

The more one analyses the modus operandi of Bill Muehlenberg the more the image of a deeply disturbed man emerges, one who is obsessed with belittling others and campaigning to oppress them.

Muehlenberg lets the cat out of the bag with Tolerance Can Be So Intolerable. Yes, we know you rabidly hate gay people, Bill. You don’t have to remind the world on a daily basis. Except that you make money from spreading lies and encouraging hatred towards a minority...
The homosexual activists are... the world leaders in... rambling on about tolerance while showing not one iota of tolerance to anyone who dares to disagree with their radical agenda. The terms ‘gaystapo’ or ‘pink mafia’ were not coined without reason after all.
Yes, Bill. Those terms were coined by bigots like you who bitterly resent the move in the West to treat its LGBTI citizens like human beings. We know you’d much rather it was like Uganda where anyone who deviates from your view of what humans should be is murdered or imprisoned. Gay people complain (rightly) when they are refused goods and services. Muehlenberg claims this is intolerance. Muehlenberg thinks gay people have no right to exist. He interprets that as an expression of his religious freedom, and nothing to do with bigotry and intolerance.

Draw your own conclusions.

As ever, Bill is welcome to come here and defend his actions.

Here’s yet another comment he chose to censor:

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The true face of evil - gloating Xtian bigots

With the Australian High Court declaring unconstitutional the same-sex marriages in ACT, over thirty gay couples face having their marriages annulled.

This is how Muehlenberg greets the news:
Let the champagne corks fly if you will, but this is a victory to savour and celebrate big time.

Yes, big time. Of course, if someone said that to him about the enactment of laws preventing Xtians from persecuting gay people, he would accuse them of bigotry, but as always it's double standards when it comes to the religious.

Contributor Des Connors gloats:
What maybe even better news is a report in today’s Australian:-
“INDIAN SUPREME COURT outlaws Gay sex.”
It seems they have resurrected a law introduced by the British in the 1860′s.
 The penalty for breaking this law is up to a decade in prison.

and thus reveals the true ugly nature of the deep-rooted Xtian bigotry against gay people. What Xtians really want to see is laws that punish people for being gay with prison sentences or preferably execution. It's why so many right-wing American Xtian nutters were involved in persuading Uganda to pass such grotesque laws.

So whilst Muehlenberg spends most of his working life posting up articles in which he expresses horror and outrage that Xtian bakers are being sued for refusing to supply goods to gay customers, what he really wants to see is laws passed that will entitle the state to imprison or murder its gay citizens.

It's why he's gloating about the high court's decision, why he considers things in Russia to look "better and better", and why he's happy for contributors to rejoice in India re-criminalising homosexuality.

Decide for yourself who the real bigot is, and who the real menace to society is, and who really has the deepest-seated pathological hatred against their fellow citizens for no other reason but a facet of their personality they did not choose, cannot change, and harms nobody.

The Ex-Heterosexual Myth

Muehlenberg likes to trot out his "ex-homosexual" myth, like it's a trump card.

His "reasoning" is that if some people used to be gay, but now have a straight relationship, it can only mean that homosexuality is a "choice" and therefore all gay people can change.

You'll notice at once he's very quiet about applying this "logic" the other way round. There are countless examples (I've known many myself) of people who have straight relationships and even marry opposite-sex partners, only to years later, often after a prolonged period of torture, come out as gay and find real contentment and happiness in gay relationships. I'd be willing to bet the traffic going from straight relationships to gay is substantially busier than that going the other way.

Yet nobody (or at any rate, nobody sane) would claim that "ex-heterosexuals" "give lie to the myth" that people are "born that way". Nobody sane would suggest that anybody could therefore choose to be straight, and that heterosexuality is a mere matter of choice.

Anybody sane would see it for what it is: unfortunate people being pressured to live a lie for fear of the consequences (upsetting their religious parents etc). Just as nobody who doesn't have an extremist religious agenda to push would be in the least surprised that gay people, facing rejection from religious friends and family, may attempt a straight relationship and claim they are "ex-gay". Their behaviour may have changed, but you'd have to believe in bullshit like miracles to think their orientation had changed. They're just gay men living a lie. Hopefully for their sake their partners have low sex drives, as intimacy will be rare and oft avoided.

So please, Muehlenberg, put away your "trump card" - it's impressing nobody, and you just continue to embarrass yourself as to how little you know about human sexuality. Some people really are just gay - and it's time you and your fellow religious bullies just got over it.