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Sunday, 22 December 2013

People Bill Muehlenberg hates

Let’s compile a list:
  • Gays
  • Muslims
  • Atheists
  • Liberals
  • Liberal Christians
  • Anyone who disagrees with him

Basically, that covers anyone who isn’t actually Bill Muehlenberg, or anyone who doesn’t share his exact bigoted right-wing worldview.

It’s interesting that Muehlenberg’s family is never anywhere to be seen. I’ll bet that the Muehlenberg household is set up so that nobody else is allowed a say in anything and has to conform to Bill’s patriarchal ideal. It’s been well-publicised that he advocates using physical violence against children as a parenting method, so presumably he is speaking from personal experience. Did he beat his three sons to ‘punish’ them for ‘sins’?

Isn’t it weird that in this day and age there’s no trace of any of Muehlenberg’s three sons on social media anywhere. They certainly aren’t friends with their father on Facebook. I suspect Bill prefers it that way. He’d rather his sons were entirely silent and invisible lest one of them should hold, or worse still, express an opinion he doesn’t agree with. And where is his subservient wife?

As anyone who’s studied the scientific research will know, the more sons you have, the greater the probability that one of the younger ones will be gay. What a frightening prospect for Muehlenberg’s youngest son if that proved to be the case. He would know for certain that his father would ostracise him, and probably worse out of ‘punishment’. Muehlenberg never admits that he is wrong, less still even the possibility that such a thing could occur; so he’d sacrifice his son rather than his lifetime’s devotion to superstitious bigotry. We can only hope that Muehlenberg’s sons don’t become just another statistic, as they would certain find no support from their father if they don’t turn out exactly like him.

The more one analyses the modus operandi of Bill Muehlenberg the more the image of a deeply disturbed man emerges, one who is obsessed with belittling others and campaigning to oppress them.

Muehlenberg lets the cat out of the bag with Tolerance Can Be So Intolerable. Yes, we know you rabidly hate gay people, Bill. You don’t have to remind the world on a daily basis. Except that you make money from spreading lies and encouraging hatred towards a minority...
The homosexual activists are... the world leaders in... rambling on about tolerance while showing not one iota of tolerance to anyone who dares to disagree with their radical agenda. The terms ‘gaystapo’ or ‘pink mafia’ were not coined without reason after all.
Yes, Bill. Those terms were coined by bigots like you who bitterly resent the move in the West to treat its LGBTI citizens like human beings. We know you’d much rather it was like Uganda where anyone who deviates from your view of what humans should be is murdered or imprisoned. Gay people complain (rightly) when they are refused goods and services. Muehlenberg claims this is intolerance. Muehlenberg thinks gay people have no right to exist. He interprets that as an expression of his religious freedom, and nothing to do with bigotry and intolerance.

Draw your own conclusions.

As ever, Bill is welcome to come here and defend his actions.

Here’s yet another comment he chose to censor:


  1. Hi there

    It is true that Bill thinks that his opinion is a truth and I understand how you feel about Bill. I am wondering, what motivates you to devote yourself to this blog? What past experiences have you had with the Church? What is your view of God and Jesus? What is your view of Christians? What is your view of the new Pope Francis?

    1. Thanks for commenting. I keep this blog to counteract the damaging lies and poison Muehlenberg spreads against gay people, atheists and Muslims, and his anti-science agenda. I tried to reason with him on Culturewatch but fell foul of his anger and censorship, so set up this blog to expose his lies and bigotry. I am from a Catholic family but I am not religious myself and am wary of people who are certain, on my behalf, of how I should best live my life. I am an atheist and dislike religion, whilst trying not to dislike the religious. There is an arrogance to religious faith (the universe was created with the human race in mind, we give it purpose, and we're important enough to live forever after death) that I also find off-putting. Pope Francis is a huge improvement on Benedict; but I do feel he's getting a good press simply for not being Joseph Ratzinger. Time will tell, but if he can rein in the worst excesses of the evil empire he's head of - good for him and I won't try to stop him!

    2. I have no intention to speaking bad about Bill, but I have tried to reason with him about mammon, humanism and democracy as he is spreading false doctrine and has a rather judgmental tone. What made you an atheist? Is is because of the "religious" people - people who claim to be religious but twist religious teachings, thereby being hypocritical. Have you been hurt by a Church or a person who claimed to be Christian or religious?

    3. Keep trying to reason with him. You'll soon learn that it's a waste of time. He will attack, censor or ban anyone who even mildly disagrees with him, as this blog exposes time and time again.

      I am an atheist and rationalist because the universe is 13.7 billion years old. Humans have been around for 200,000 years. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies. To claim one species out of billions in one galaxy on one planet give the universe meaning, and that the universe was "created" with that species in mind, is absurd and arrogant in the highest degree. The religious claim for an afterlife is also absurd and arrogant. That's what I meant about the arrogance of religious faith. The bigotry of all faiths, mostly confined to homophobia these days, I also find truly disgusting. So in my view religion is for the uneducated, the arrogant and the bigoted. I'm not saying all religious people are like that, but there's a certain amount to a greater or lesser extent. Muehlenberg is all three in abundance, as well as being a liar and a hypocrite.

  2. I have learnt it is a waste of time indeed. That's why one needs to have independent critical thinking.

    Do you think that humans evolved from apes, or that is it possible that we evolved from fish as once reported in a science magazine? What do you think is the driving force of nature? Do you not that there is some intelligence behind it? Do you not think that to say humans came from nothing is to say that a person can make a rose from nothing?

    1. Quite right, and I'm glad you quickly recognised what an unreasonable bully Muehlenberg is.

      Of course humans evolved from apes - we are apes. The evidence for that is overwhelming. And yes, it's equally true that apes, and indeed all mammals, have piscene ancestry. If you go back enough generations your great-great-great (etc) grandfather was a fish. I think evolution by means of natural selection is what drives the natural world and the abundance of species. Humans didn't come from nothing, we evolved slowly over time from non-human ancestors, just as roses evolved slowly over time (and then quickly when humans started to artificially select them to breed new species) from non-rose ancestors. Evolution is fascinating, powerful and beautiful. The reason it scares religious folk is that it requires no supernatural explanation. It doesn't disprove god (whichever god you choose to invoke) but it does make him either redundant or a tinkerer. It's why religious people have a tough time accepting it as fact - but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

  3. What is the evidence that we evolved from non-human ancestors? Where did they come from? Did they come out of nothing. You said you're an atheist but said that it 'does not disprove god' and also say that it does not make him 'redundant' or a 'tinkerer'. What is your view about morality? Do you think we have a moral conscience?

    1. Sorry for the long delay in replying. Life has been busy! There is plenty of evidence of human evolution from non-human primate ancestors. If you Google "Australopithecus" you can find out about a now extinct genus of hominid very closely related to species of the genus "Homo". There are, of course, other species besides Homo sapiens, but they are now extinct. Google Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo ergaster to name but a few. The paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey's work in the field is the best place to start, and Leakey has written many books on the subject of human ancestry. A general book about evolution, such as "Why Evolution is True" by Jerry Coyne will help you understand how speciation occurs - why new species arise out of other distinct species - and you'll understand that no species arrive "out of nothing", but are part of an unbroken chain of evolution dating back to the start of life on this planet.

      No evolution doesn't disprove god, but in my view it does make him redundant. Others take a different view but I find their reasoning unconvincing.

      I think mammals in general have a moral conscience, but it is more developed in humans. This has arisen because we are social animals and have to rely upon one another to survive. If you stop and think about it you'll see how true that is. Everybody relies on hundreds of other people to make food, sell goods, refine oil, water, create machines etc. Humans were creatures with moral consciences long before the nomadic tribes of the Middle East wrote the bible.

  4. You might be interested in this: It explores the arguments of both sides. And this: Just forget about Bill Muehlenberg.

    1. There are no "arguments of both sides". Evolution is true. Creation is an outright fraud that doesn't even qualify as science. The website you cite is full of lies peddled by religionists with an anti-science agenda.

      I will forget about Muehlenberg when he drops his campaign of hatred against LGBT people, atheists and Muslims.