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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The true face of evil - gloating Xtian bigots

With the Australian High Court declaring unconstitutional the same-sex marriages in ACT, over thirty gay couples face having their marriages annulled.

This is how Muehlenberg greets the news:
Let the champagne corks fly if you will, but this is a victory to savour and celebrate big time.

Yes, big time. Of course, if someone said that to him about the enactment of laws preventing Xtians from persecuting gay people, he would accuse them of bigotry, but as always it's double standards when it comes to the religious.

Contributor Des Connors gloats:
What maybe even better news is a report in today’s Australian:-
“INDIAN SUPREME COURT outlaws Gay sex.”
It seems they have resurrected a law introduced by the British in the 1860′s.
 The penalty for breaking this law is up to a decade in prison.

and thus reveals the true ugly nature of the deep-rooted Xtian bigotry against gay people. What Xtians really want to see is laws that punish people for being gay with prison sentences or preferably execution. It's why so many right-wing American Xtian nutters were involved in persuading Uganda to pass such grotesque laws.

So whilst Muehlenberg spends most of his working life posting up articles in which he expresses horror and outrage that Xtian bakers are being sued for refusing to supply goods to gay customers, what he really wants to see is laws passed that will entitle the state to imprison or murder its gay citizens.

It's why he's gloating about the high court's decision, why he considers things in Russia to look "better and better", and why he's happy for contributors to rejoice in India re-criminalising homosexuality.

Decide for yourself who the real bigot is, and who the real menace to society is, and who really has the deepest-seated pathological hatred against their fellow citizens for no other reason but a facet of their personality they did not choose, cannot change, and harms nobody.