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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Muehlenberg Lies About Michael Swift

In his article, "Children Targeted By The Militants", Muehlenberg opens this way:
Homosexuals of course cannot reproduce – they can only recruit.
It's a sentence that manages to combine lying with logical fallacies. Homosexuals can't reproduce? Why, are they all infertile? Homosexuals can and do reproduce - there is such a thing as gay parenting and gay adoption! Yet Muehlenberg is wholly against that. Assuming they can't reproduce, why does Muehlenberg think it logically follows that they must therefore "recruit"?

This is evil nonsense, and a lie Muehlenberg has peddled repeatedly. He thinks if he repeats a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. The idiots who post on his site don't know how to think for themselves so they will probably lap up this sort of egregious lie. Homosexuality is naturally occurring. There have always been gay people. There will always be gay people as long as there is the human race. Gay people have no need to recruit, even if such an absurd proposition were possible, because the percentage of homosexuals in society is roughly the same throughout time.

Muehlenberg should actually take up his beef with all the straight couples who keep giving birth to gay children!

Muehlenberg is so confused about human sexuality he seems to think if a younger man is "touched" by an older man, he'll magically turn gay (and note Muehlenberg once again spreads another favourite lie of his - that there is a connection between male homosexuality and paedophilia). Sadly for him, sexuality doesn't work like that. One is either gay, straight, or somewhere in between. It's also disturbing that he's willing to spread the lie and the stigma that gay people have been sexually abused as children, or else had poor relationships with their father, which is why they are gay. This is utter foolishness, and wrongly stigmatises loving parents. It's all part of Muehlenberg's vicious agenda of hatred against gay people and those who have no problem with the existence of gay people, so he's quite happy to push the lies and stigmatise parents and friends of gay people in this way.

He then goes on to quotemine from Michael Swift's 1987 satirical essay "Gay Revolutionary" and makes the suggestion that it was meant seriously, calling it a "declaration of war against our children". You'll notice he doesn't even name the author of the essay or its title, because he's too afraid people will go away and look it up and realise that it's a work of satire! Right wing people invariably have a sense of humour bypass, and Muehlenberg is certainly no exception, but you'd have to be stupid to quote from this obviously ironic essay and suggest it's the ultimate aim of gay people!

Muehlenberg also commits the sin of omission with it because, as well as avoiding citing the author or title, he doesn't quote the first line that tells the reader it's a fantasy:
This essay is an outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor.
I'd say Michael Swift is pretty explicit about his intention, wouldn't you? For more on Muehlenberg's faulty "source", see Wikipedia and the Fordham University website, and you can see just how twisted he is to quote from a satirical work that is 27 years old and pretend it represents the wishes of the gay community:

Muehlenberg is upset because apparently Disney have made a TV show that doesn't exclusively show white, middle-class, heterosexual Christians. How dare Disney actually represent minorities! He quotes from right-wing pressure group One Million Moms:
Conservative families need to urge Disney to exclude confusing topics that children are far too young to comprehend.
What they (and he) mean is that it's too much for them to comprehend! Bigots like Muehlenberg know full well that young children aren't inherently bigoted, and that if they're educated about gay people they'll accept them as perfectly normal. That's what terrifies the bigots.

So what they want instead is to recruit children into the Christian lifestyle, to get to them young enough so they can twist their minds into being nasty, antisocial bigots, just like them.

There's only one group hellbent on recruiting children. It's not gay people: it's religious nutters.

Leave our kids alone, Muehlenberg. We don't need more of your type in this world.

Muehlenberg ends saying, "This is a war which we did not start." That would be because it's only a "war" that exists inside your paranoid, delusional head. War! Get a grip.


  1. Thank you for that succinct but comprehensive refutation of Muehlenberg's lies.

  2. What's interesting is that the scene with the lesbian couple in it last 30 seconds. Here's a link:

    It's almost like a token inclusion of LGBTs in an otherwise heteronormative program. The same sex characters appear in 1 minor scene and have no further part in any other episode. I fail to see how children have been targeted or how they're going to be unable to comprehend a 30 second clip featuring a boy with two mothers.

    There are plenty of religious childrens programs - Veggie tales, 321 Penguines ect that religious parents could give to their kids. Why is this such a big deal. It's interesting because just recently when channels 7 and 10 rejected an anti-gay marriage ad from a liberal party alligned lobby group called Marriage Alliance, their director Sophie York refered to it as "PC" and a form of "Censorship."

    And yet despite this it still offends the religious right enough for them to organise petitions of complaint - It's almost as if a group of conservatives are trying to adopt their own form of "PC censorship."