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Friday, 28 February 2014

Muehlenberg's hypocrisy gauge reaches critical

Bill Muehlenberg is moaning about those nasty gays again.
We now know perfectly well that the homosexual juggernaut is not about ‘live and let live,’ but about the complete and total beating into submission of all those who resist the militants’ agenda
he whines. Though if you change the word "homosexual" for "Christian" then that would be an apt description of Bill's agenda, since he doesn't even think gay people have any right to exist.
And increasingly they have harnessed the might of the State to support them, coercing any and all recalcitrants to fall into line or else,
he goes on to moan. What he means is that he finds it thoroughly objectionable that any state gives equal rights to its tax-paying LGBT citizens.

His solution seems to be along the lines of the proposed legislation in Arizona:
One recent flashpoint over all this is a new bill designed to promote freedom of conscience. Arizona Senate Bill 1062 which was passed last week by the legislature and awaits the Governor’s approval would allow certain groups to not have to provide services for events they object to for religious reasons.
So Muehlenberg wants to harness the might of the state to coerce recalcitrants to his Xtain agenda to force them to fall into line, or else... exactly as he accuses gay people of doing!

As usual, Muehlenberg fails to see the staggering depths of his own hypocrisy.

The thing is I don't know any - literally none - and can find no examples of gay people being unwilling to provide services for straight weddings. Nor do I know of any Arizona atheists who wanted the proposed bill to become law so that they could refuse services to Christians whose supernatural notions insult their intelligence. That's because for all Muehlenberg's bleatings about the "gaystapo" and the "pink jackboot" and "misotheists" - gay people and atheists are vastly more tolerant of Christians and their ridiculous ideas and are prepared to live and let live, asking for no special legal rights to discriminate.

What a shame Christians are so petty-minded and hateful they can't follow the gay and atheist examples and reciprocate the tolerance; which is why they try to ask for legal dispensation to discriminate against gay people using the strong arm of the law.

Muehlenberg despises equal rights for gay people and lobbies to prevent gay people from enjoying the same rights he enjoys, such as marriage. He sees gay people campaigning for equal rights as aggressive and intolerant. At the same time, he endorses Putin's brutal draconian homophobic measures, and the massive increase in gay hate crimes and murders in Russia. He's all for state intervention whenever it's promoting his bigoted worldview. He's welcome to come here and defend himself - but his hypocrisy is indefensible and here laid bare for all to see.

Check out the comments where Muehlenberg and the other haters are whining that the bill has been vetoed, for a hilarious gnashing of bitter fundie teeth.

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