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Monday, 3 February 2014

Society consists only of right-wing Xtians, according to Muehlenberg

Bill entitles an article "Children Targeted by the Militants". From his hyperbole, you could be forgiven for imagining that it must be about children being rounded up and dragged off to concentration camps.

What it's actually about is a Disney Channel kids' show called Good Luck Charlie, which - wait for it! - is to feature a lesbian couple with a child.

This is something Bill describes as "worrying", and indicative that:
Disney [are] pushing the boundaries as part of the pro-homosexual indoctrination campaign.
Bill goes on to make clear that:
Not everyone is happy with this bit of radical social engineering and the indoctrination of children.
stating that bigoted group One Million Moms claims:
Disney should stick to entertaining instead of pushing an agenda… Conservative families need to urge Disney to exclude confusing topics that children are far too young to comprehend.
All this gnashing of teeth from the right-wing simply because Disney have written a gay couple into the show.

Newsflash 1: gay people exist. Gay people and gay parents form part of society and contribute to it. Most people under the age of 65 don't consider the presence of gay people to be "radical" or indicative of an "agenda" or "social engineering". Stop looking for conspiracies in reality, Bill!

Newsflash 2: Many television dramas seek to accurately represent society. In the 1960s there were hardly any black people on television. These days, black, Chinese and every other race are quite rightly represented in dramas, as are gay people, atheists, etc.

What Bill and his kind actually want to see is a total Xtian monopoly on broadcasting, so that only people just like them - conservative, Xtian, white and heterosexual - are portrayed on television: all for the good of society (of course). The ultimate aim of Bill's agenda of hate against the LGBT community is to exclude gay people from society altogether, and he thinks it's "worrying" and part of an "agenda" that gay characters appear in television dramas.

I can't think of any gay people who would seek, or are actively campaigning to exclude television companies from representing Christian characters in their dramas. But then again, gay people are much more tolerant and liberal than extremists like Bill, and are quite happy to live and let live. It's a shame bigots like Bill can't show the same respect and tolerance in turn.

What One Million Moms (and Bill, who quoted and endorsed them) really mean when they urge television companies to:
exclude confusing topics that children are far too young to comprehend.
is that they want excluded all topics that they personally disapprove of. As we already know, Bill supports freedom of speech, but only when it's his freedom of speech that's threatened. Anybody else, he wants to exclude and censor entirely.

Children aren't naturally bigoted, and the real concern of bigots like Bill is that if children see a positive depiction of gay people in their favourite shows, their kids may grow up to - shock horror! - not be bigots like their parents and learn that there's nothing wrong with gay people or with being gay. And then where would the parents' delusions be?!

So long as Bill and his kind campaign for social exclusion of non-Christians, he remains a threat to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, democracy and public decency.

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