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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bill spends vacation looking at homoerotic art

Bill Muehlenberg has recently been in Rome, which is why he's been a bit quiet over on his gay-hate site for the past few weeks. He's just posted up Schaeffer, Art and the Christian to tell his disciples about his vacation.

He seems to have spent the entirety of his holiday taking in art. The picture he's used in his post is of Michelangelo's David - one of the most homoerotic pieces in art history. The statue, by gay artist Michelangelo, is a tribute to the perfection of the male body.

He mentions a few other artists, most of whom were also gay, and then claims that everything they produced was "Christian" art. Even though he regularly argues that one can't be gay and Christian. Apparently they can when it's convenient, or when they're long dead. Go figure.

Anyway, it's an odd claim coming from a man who spends his holiday gorping at the naked male form.

Well, they do say that the worst forms of homophobia are triggered by self-hate.

Monday, 7 April 2014

PZ Myers tears a strip off Muehlenberg!

Evolutionary biologist and atheist PZ Myers has taken a devastating swipe at Bill Muehlenberg and one of his latest articles over on his Pharyngula website. Check it out!

Bill's angry and unnecessarily cruel article High Court Rules Against Biology – And Redefines Reality To Boot has caught PZ's eye. In the article, Muehlenberg lambasts high court judges for allowing a Sydney resident, Norrie, to be identified as gender neutral.
So, Bill Muehlenberg, defender of science, what exactly have these wicked activist judges done in defiance of all evidence? 
That's the question PZ sarcastically asks, before cutting Muehlenberg down to size with a single withering paragraph:
But hey, Bill, you have another problem. It’s very kind of you to rush to defend ‘science’ (or rather, your unfortunately ill-informed version of it), but if you’re so enamored of it that you wield it as a shield and bulwark to defend your personal bigotry against homosexuals and transgendered people, how come you’re also attacking evolutionary biology? 
Loving your work, PZ! And thanks for the helping hand.

Some of the comments on Pharyngula look all too familiar, when the aptly-named theignored left a comment for Bill:
Neither of my comments seems to have made it through. Fundies are hypocrites when it comes to free speech issues, it seems.

Quite! Bill will always censor when he has no answer. On that theme, I posted a link to PZ Myers' puncturing of his article over on CultureWatch and suggested Bill go along and publically debate Myers over the issue, and who knows, on evolution and other areas of science too.

Guess what? Bill didn't. He will never openly debate because he knows the truth is not on his side and his bigotry and foolishness will be easily exposed.