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Friday, 30 May 2014

Muehlenberg's playing toy soldiers again

When I was a boy I used to love taking slow strolls with my Polish grandfather. After WWII he never returned to his home country again. Our route often took us past a church, and we both liked to sit on the form outside and enjoy the quiet. I knew my grandfather was an atheist because I once asked him if he believed in god. Everyone I knew believed in god - I went to a Christian school.

"No," he said. "There's no god. And if you'd seen the things I'd seen you'd know why I say that."

When I was a teenager my grandfather used to take longer looking at a particular row of graves, and often his eyes would mist up. Sometimes he'd weep. There were Polish names on the gravestones, those of pilots who had been shot down and were buried in a foreign country.

"Did you know them?" I asked. He didn't, and I couldn't then understand how he could be upset, so many years later, for people he never even knew.

My grandfather despised people like Bill Muehlenberg, who came along a generation later, missed out on the war and have developed a cod matcho posturing ever since to try to make up for it. As far as I'm aware, the two men never met (my grandfather died in 2001) but I'd be willing to bet my mortgage he would have had no time for Muehlenberg. He was a gentle man, as well as a gentleman, so he would not have been rude about Muehlenberg, as I frequently am: but he would have "not given him the time of day" - an expression reserved for people my grandfather strongly disliked.

Why do I give this personal testimony? In D-Day: Courage for the Battle, Muehlenberg says:
Next week will be the 70th anniversary of D-Day....
I wonder where he's going with this...
And as always, it speaks to me so deeply of vitally important spiritual truths, such as the fact that we are in a war, in enemy-occupied territory in fact...
Oh, ok. You're at war are you, Bill? You're not living freely in a democratic country without knowing poverty and without ever needing for anything?

He goes on to claim that "The spiritual war we are in is really no different" (to WWII, would you believe. Well, my grandfather and men of his generation who lost their lives, their innocence, their friends would disagree. So would my father, who was brought up on rationing without a father who had been killed. So would anybody sane who knows what a war actually is, what it entails, and how the word cannot be used lightly):
Our spiritual enemy Satan has sought to enslave the entire world, robbing us of our freedom, our dignity, and our humanity. 2000 years ago a spiritual D-Day was launched. At Calvary God through his Son Jesus declared that a major fight back was now under way. It is a hard and difficult campaign, and there have been many casualties along the way. 
Oh really, Bill? What have you been deprived of? The legal right to refuse to allow gay people to marry, or to offer them service? You have to share the planet with Muslims and atheists? You think this compares in any way to the very real hardships and sacrifices people made in order to allow you to live the easy life that you have?
All around us we see men and women and children held captive by the evil enemy. People are dying, and bleeding, and deceived, and enchained.
Really, Bill? Really? Are you talking about Christians in Iraq or Pakistan here? Or are you talking about molycoddled infantile bullies like you? Show us the blood. Show us the corpses. Show us the chains. Tell us one thing that you're not at liberty to do. Pass me a violin whilst you're at it.

If his D-Day comparison isn't nauseating and obscene enough, Muehlenberg's hyperbole reaches new levels of absurdity in That Knock on the Door in the Middle of the Night:
One of the most frightening and characteristic features of a police state is the terrible occurrence of being woken in the middle of the night by state security forces. Whether it was Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or Mao’s China, this was an ever-present reality and fear for many millions of ordinary citizens. And the means by which democracy is slowly but surely disappearing are very sneaky, incremental, and piece-meal. We don’t even know it is happening...
Because it isn't, you fool. It's all in your paranoid and delusional head.
Thus we have things like anti-discrimination laws; equal opportunity legislation; racial and religious vilification acts; and so-called hate speech laws springing up everywhere in the West. Again, they sound like they might be useful things to have, but they are mostly nefarious laws which are mainly aimed at silencing unpopular people with unpopular opinions.
They're laws to protect people from bullies like you who would see homosexuality criminalised, Islam forced underground and atheists, gay people and Muslims losing their jobs for daring to not agree with you. They are laws to protect innocent people against the kind of terror, tyranny and fascist oppression that you so ironically think is inflicted on you because the law prevents you from bullying.

Who does Muehlenberg think is responsible for the fascist state he alleges we like in?
The forces of political correctness – most notably the radical homosexual lobby and the Islamic lobby – have used these laws to silence all opposition to their causes. My new book will document hundreds of examples of this happening at the hands of the radical homosexualists.
A new book! Whoppee. He's hoping to smash sales of his first book by 33% and have three people buy it. If it's as deranged and fantastical as his blog posts we'd all be in for a treat. And what are "radical homosexualists" whilst we're at it? How do they differ from gay guys?
Friends, we are in a war. Every day the other side is getting further emboldened to carry out their fascist agendas. 
Yes, Bill, it's statements like that that reveal your true colours. The tragedy is that such a foolish man is taken seriously enough to be invited onto radio talk shows to give an opinion. He is a dangerously deluded man.
And all the while, most Christians are snoozing right through all this. They don’t seem to know and they don’t seem to care. And they have blood on their hands as a result.
If there is a knock on the door, Bill, it'll most likely be the men in white coats, waiting with sedatives and a straight-jacket. You are not worthy to lick the boots of my grandfather, a man who made real and hard sacrifices. Your claims for victim status are as revolting as they are fanciful. Stop playing at toy soldiers and feeling sorry for yourself because gay people and Muslims are now allowed to live in peace. Concern yourself with real, genuine injustices that are happening in the world.


  1. The simple fact that anti-choicers haven't been kidnapped and tortured for Epic Poetic Justice proves that the pro-choicers have the moral high ground on the issue of voluntary euthanasia.