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Friday, 1 August 2014

Hyperbole Bill and his hatred of gay people

Even from the title of his article, Worshipping at the Altar of Homosexualism, it's clear that Bill's hyperbole is heading through the stratosphere; but one can't help but wonder about the state of his mental health since his rants are becoming increasingly divorced from any reason or rationality.

What's set him off on his foam-mouthed crusade this time is that Essendon, an Australian football team (or something - I've never heard of them) have established a new membership for its LGBT fans.

What, you might wonder, is wrong with that? Have they said that only gay fans can attend? Have they said Christians aren't welcome? No, of course not, but the mere fact that Essendon acknowledge that they have gay fans, and wish to make gay people welcome at their football games, is enough to send Bill into a full-on meltdown, bursting blood vessels in his tide of invective.
When do adulterers, fornicators, paedophiles and those into bestiality get their own special days and celebrations? Why don’t we in fact have special days and promotions for far larger groups of AFL fans, such as accountants, drunk drivers, farmers and shoplifters? They all love their footy, so why isn’t the AFL treating them equally? 
Bill really does struggle to distinguish innate and immutable characteristics from other elements of human behaviour, doesn't he? And notice the sly way he gets in "paedophiles and those into bestiality": the inference being that such people are the moral equivalent of gay people.

But it's what Bill says next that is the most telling:
And hey, I am a Bible-believing Christian. Does he really want me to feel welcome? Then when do Christians get their own day? And guess what? Real Christians are deeply offended by the immoral and dangerous homosexual lifestyle. 
Ah! So that's it in a nutshell. Bill really and truly believes that if gay people are made welcome to a football game, it automatically excludes him. Time after time on this blog I have documented, from Bill's own mouth, the fact that he is wholly unwilling to share the planet with gay people, and in fact with non-fundamentalist Christians in general, but with those nasty gays in particular.
So obviously by granting special rights to one minority group, you are discriminating against a much larger group. So where is the equality?
Really, Bill? By welcoming gay people to football matches they are discriminating against Christians? In what conceivable way? Why should it be anyone else's problem that you're such a bigot you won't tolerate the presence of gay people in society? And way to play the numbers game. "Our group's bigger than yours." So what? So that justifies your relentless campaign for special rights for Christians to be able to discriminate against, bully and abuse gay people? No, normal human decency rules that out.

But Bill's hyperbole starts to become stranger and stranger from that point. Remember that all that has happened is that a football club has opened a membership for its gay fans.
For most of human history this unhealthy lifestyle was at best tolerated. But now we are all being forced to celebrate it, promote it, luxuriate in it, and bless it – whether we want to or not.
No, Bill. Nobody's forcing you to do anything, which is why you can get away with being such a cruel, hate-filled bigot, who would never have a friendship with a gay person, never listen to a gay person, and never even occupy the same room as a gay person. It's your loss, but clearly, nobody is stopping you from being a bully and a bigot. You go right on ahead.
How can we account for this total lunacy? The only thing I can come up with is that we now have a new Western religion which no one dare gainsay: homosexualism. We will now all worship at the altar of homosexualism, and any apostates will be swiftly and harshly dealt with.  
WTF? What are you even talking about? So most of western society now accepts and celebrates the contribution its LGBT citizenry makes - and that's enough for you to throw your toys out of the pram and have a mental breakdown? Shame on you.
Just like some sick cult, everyone is expected to fully conform, follow the official religious line, or face excommunication and worse.
I think you're thinking of Roman Catholicism, Bill...
The cult of homosexualism is now in full bloom, and just as with any cult, it asks us all to completely throw away our brains and simply conform and do as we are told. We will fully submit to what our religious superiors tell us to do, and we dare not question the official dogma of homosexualism. The holy laws of homosexualism are now in place, and everyone will bow and worship. All those daring to question any of this will meet their fate. Re-education camps and indoctrination centres will just be a part of the way the authorities deal with any recalcitrants.
Nurse, the sedatives. Mrs Muehlenberg, I think you need to keep your husband off the strong cheeses.
So, do you like footy? Well, the only way you can now enjoy it is through the religion of homosexualism. And soon enough every other area of life will also be brought under the rule of the homosexualism religion. There will be no exceptions.
That's right, Bill. Gay people can be found in every walk of life; in every country; in every city and town. If you can't tolerate that, move to another planet. You won't be missed.
People often worry about a coming world religion which will enslave the entire world. Well, I think we have now found it: the cult of homosexualism.
It's so very sad. All gay people are willing to share the planet with Christians and religionists of all stripes. What a shame people like Bill Muehlenberg reveal themselves to be so hateful and intolerant, that the move by a football team to welcome its gay fans is enough to have him writing such hateful and delusional drivel. And if you think that Bill Muehlenberg does not endorse violence against gay people, check out the comment from Ursula Bennet that he was happy to post:
Before they will be able to claim world religion status, I think there will be a contest for that position with Islam, at least on the public level. If only they could wipe each other out like the enemies of Israel often did as God came to deliver them in response to… Israel’s prayers and worship. Hey, church come on.
Yes, come on church, bring on the genocide against gay people and Muslims, aided, supported and applauded by Bill Muehlenberg, who won't even tolerate the presence of gay people at a football game.

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