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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Muehlenberg drips with hate

There are times when Bill Muehlenberg lets his mask slip, and shows the deep-rooted hatred that motivates his every waking moment come shining through for all to see.

Apparently he has been uproariously laughing - hard to imagine, I know - because gay people have found distasteful the 'marriage' between two heterosexual male friends in New Zealand. Muehlenberg has misleadingly entitled his article Heteros Biting Back, because it's clear from the story that the two men aren't motivated by trying to hurt gay people. Muehlenberg just sees his own motivation in everyone else.
This is an absolute classic! I love it! It just makes my day. I could not have made any of this stuff up. Sweeeeet.
Is that a Tweet from a 14-year old girl? No, it's how the gloating Muehlenberg opens the article. Probably about the correct level of literacy for his readership.
...we have homosexualists upset about, and discriminating against, those with other lifestyle choices.
Note the sly slight of hand. You can choose to marry somebody. Being gay is neither a 'choice' nor a 'lifestyle'. Tell a lie often enough, eh, Bill...?
Ha! Gotta love it. The homosexual militants who have done everything they can to utterly destroy and mock and sabotage the institution of marriage are now whining like a bunch of cry babies that the institution of marriage is being, well, destroyed and mocked and sabotaged.
Bill thinks it's all about him. Gay people fight for equality not because they want equality, but because they want to upset Bill Muehlenberg. The arrogance is staggering.
If two male sodomites can marry, then why in the world can’t two male heterosexuals marry?!
He really is all charm, isn't he? "Get with the times, cry babies," is his advice to gay people who object to the trivialising of the hard-fought fight for equality (why hard fought? Because of religious nutters like Muehlenberg making it all about them and claiming the monopoly on marriage). He oozes respect and warmth, doesn't he?

His readers are equally toxic. John Abbott has this to say:
...those who are active homosexuals consider that two homos and a duck constitute a family but then degeneracy knows no bounds. So to the cry babies I say, suck it up. 
and ends with:
Marriage is for the sake of children not mutations. 
The words can speak for themselves. There's enough bigotry and hate to power a nuclear reactor.

Mike Marshall reminds us that religious people are selfish egomaniacs:
Kinda the way two gay blokes getting married trvialises the entire institution for millions of religious folk? Bad luck super citizens……..”
As usual, the hate goes only one-way. Mike, can you name a gay person or organisation seeking to block Christians from marrying? *not holding breath*

You need only go on to an article like that one and read Bill's language and that of his readers (the pre-selected comments he has allowed to be published - always the ones that agree with him) to see for yourself the bitterness, hatred and outright bigotry. This blog exposes Bill Muehlenberg for what he is: a deeply unpleasant man motivated by the desire to hurt gay people any way he can. He proves it through his own words and actions. The undisguised hatred from the likes of Muehlenberg is why his lot are losing. Most people in the West see gays as human beings just like them, not as some cartoon monster, or 'demoniacally possessed', as the religious lobby do. Anyone with a functioning moral compass will be nauseated by Muehlenberg and his rabble. The more his side loses, the nastier Muehlenberg becomes, and the more extreme his hatred.


  1. I have read a few of bill's pieces and have failed to find anywhere on his site a reference where he "desires to hurt gay people". What an absurd claim.

    The gay agenda attacks the very foundations of traditional marriage. The gay lobby are not trying to block christians from getting married per se, however they attacking and trying to change the understanding of what marriage is (1man+1women=marriage). It is so biologically blindly obvious that 2 men or 2 women are not meant to be a couple.

    (Toowoomba, QLD)

    1. How nice of you to tell other people whom they can and cannot couple with. The definition of marriage has changed many times over the centuries. Women are no longer considered the property of men, apart from in the more reactionary religious marriages. Marriage is a civil issue - even religious marriages require legal recognition by the state - and the vast majority of marriages in countries like the UK and Sweden are now wholly non-religious. In short, the religious don't own marriage, and they don't get to tell people that they can't be gay. I know many gay people and many gay couples, and they are as compatible, if not more so, than the straight couples I know. Stop letting outright prejudice blind you to reality. Equal marriage will happen in all western countries in the next 10-20 years.

  2. Hi there

    How are you? What is it that motivates you to write this blog? Have you been hurt by a church? Is it because you are angry at God? I mean this gently, why is it that you are an atheist?


    1. Hi, the clue is in the title of the blog. I write it to expose Bill Muehlenberg's "vile campaign of hatred and lies against the LGBT community, atheists and Muslims." Nothing more. Nothing less. I am an atheist for the same reason that I am an agoblinist and afaerieist. I do not believe in any unsubstantiated supernatural beliefs.

    2. Hi again

      Let me ask you gently, do you believe everything came from nothing, or nothing created everything?


    3. Well, obviously the Big Bang happened 13.7 billion years ago. The evidence for that is overwhelming and observable. You'd have to be insane or ignorant to doubt it.

    4. The big bang was first suggested by a Catholic priest! George Lemaitre in 1927. I don't like or agree with Bill on much of his blog, and you are right when I comment strangely my comments aren't used. I am a Christian, but you'll appreciate not all Christians think like Bill. Chris

    5. Hi Chris, I most certainly do appreciate that not all Christians think or act like Muehlenberg. This blog is meant to be a criticism of him and those who support his ideas, not Christianity in general. George Lemaitre was a remarkable man. It doesn't matter what the religious beliefs of scientists are - all that matters is the evidence. In the time of Copernicus and Galileo, everyone was religious. Isaac Newton was religious.