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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Muehlenberg's blatant Malala Yousafzai lie

Bill Muehlenberg will do anything to push his viciously anti-gay, anti-Islam agenda, and he's willing to resort to outright falsehoods to spread his poison.

In Islam and the West, Muehlenberg says the following:
As the brave young Pakistani schoolgirl and Taliban shooting victim Malala Yousafzai is reported to have said, “Blessed are those who live in non-Islamic nations. Even in the 21st century, Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan have bans on girl’s education. Islam treats women as slaves. Islam gave us nothing but terrorism, jihad, madrassas, riots and bomb blasts. If we want a future for us, we will have to renounce Islam. Peace and Islam can’t coexist!”
Yet that quotation, which sounds suspiciously like something Muehlenberg himself would write, can't be found anywhere else. It certainly isn't on the pages Muehlenberg references at the foot of his article. If you Google Malala Yousafzai and the quote, the only thing that comes up is... Bill's website.

That sounds awfully fishy to me.

In the comments, someone called Justin Finigan asks:
I am interested in where you got the Malala quote from Bill.
Good question, Justin. Muehlenberg's evasive response is:
It is floating all over the Net, but as I say, it is something she is reported to have said. So whether or not she did actually say it awaits some confirmation.
Only it isn't "floating all over the net", is it, Bill? It's only on your website, quoted by you. Hmmm And no such "confirmation" has been forthcoming, has it, Bill? So really you should take it down, shouldn't you? Yet it's still there. Hmmm.

Note the deliberate caveat with which Muehlenberg makes the quotation, saying that Yousafzai "is reported to have said". That's not a normal thing to write. Why not just say, "Yousafzai said..."? It's almost as if Muehlenberg knows she said nothing of the sort and made the whole thing up himself, and added "reported to have said" to cover himself from accusations of - you know - making the whole thing up himself.

Of course, his braindead readership don't know how to think for themselves, which is why they're fundie Xtians, but Bill tends to forget his lies can be seen by the rest of the world, too.

So Bill, are you going to cite your source for the alleged Yousafzai quotation that sounds remarkably like you're her speechwriter, or are you going to remove the made-up comment?

It's worse than shameful that Muehlenberg should resort to such low tactics to push his anti-Islam agenda. Isn't lying a sin, Bill? Or is it, as usual, OK so long as you're lying for Jesus?

As always, Bill Muehlenberg is welcome to come here and defend himself, and provide his source for the Yousafazi quotation. We aren't holding our breath.

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