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Friday, 12 December 2014

Muehlenberg admits he wants to recriminalise homosexuality

Fundamentalist Xtian bigot Bill Muehlenberg has finally admitted what we have known all along - that he would rather see all LGBT people behind bars just for being themselves, rather than live with societies extending to its gay citizens the self-same rights and freedoms Muehlenberg himself takes for granted.

In his piece God, Divine Purposes, and Conditionality, Muehlenberg praises Singapore because the country recently retained a piece of draconian legislation enforced whilst it was under the yoke of the British empire. The legislation, called Section 377a of the Penal Code, sees consenting adults serving two years in prison for the "crime" of having sex, even in private, with somebody of the same sex.
Just over a month ago Section 377a of the Penal Code was upheld by a high-up appeals court, keeping homosexuality in check – for now at least. But as I have been warning, the activists never sleep, and will of course keep chipping away. It is always a war of attrition, and whoever has the most resolve, stamina and perseverance will ultimately win. The other side will certainly not give up. The question is, will the Christians? I have met many great Christian leaders and activists here so far, and they give me real hope.
Real hope of what, Bill? Real hope that LGBT people in Singapore continue to be subjected to abuse and live under the threat of incarceration? That's the dangerous agenda he seeks to push.

So Bill gloats that another country retains appalling and inhumane restrictions on basic human freedoms, and criminalises around 2% of its populace, simply for a harmless facet of their character.

When asked if Bill would like to see the west recriminalise homosexuality, Muehlenberg admits:
...invariably when states permit homosexuality they quickly move into hardcore promotion of it. So that is a real worry.
It's a real worry, all those pesky LGBT people living open lives, where they can't legally be discriminated against in the provision of goods and services; where they can't be thrown out of a restaurant just for being gay, or lose their jobs or houses because of their sexuality. Yes, I can see exactly why this issue keeps you awake at night, Bill. Those pesky gays, living without fear, without shame, and holding their heads up with pride and going about their day-to-day life with the same freedoms you enjoy. How such an appalling state of affairs must eat you alive.

So yes, the sole reason Muehlenberg has written self-published books attacking gay people and keeps his gay-hate blog is to try to drum up enough hatred towards gay people that governments may feel pressured to turn the clock back a century and punish, torture and abuse its gay citizenry for what consenting adults do in private. We can be thankful that a deranged and inhuman bully like Muehlenberg has no political clout whatsoever, and that the west is rapidly abandoning his backward and barbaric way of thinking. He ends with a favourite canard of his, deliberately confusing sexual orientation with habit:
And given that governments crack down on other harmful behaviours such as cigarette smoking, a case could be made for going back to some sort of restrictions on this high risk and deadly lifestyle. 
Anyone not a brainwashed fundamentalist can see what an idiotic comparison that it. There is nothing "deadly" about being gay, and even if there were, why should any government crack down on the personal freedoms of its law abiding citizens? Ginger-haired people are more susceptible to sunburn and therefore skin cancer. Did they choose to be ginger-haired? No. Perhaps Bill would like to see them behind bars and the key thrown away too? If not, why not? I merely follow his reasoning.

Religion - that really is a deadly lifestyle that does real harm to real people. Muehlenberg's free to believe whatever superstitious nonsense floats his boat, but when he starts calling for minorities to be criminalised and their freedoms stripped away, he oversteps the bounds of common decency and basic humanity, and can and must be held to account.