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Monday, 30 November 2015

It's an abortion of a book, Bill

Not content with self-publishing two books attacking the LGBT community, Bill Muehlenberg has now turned the attention of his prolific anger against women who have an abortion, and their pro-choice supporters.

Imaginatively-titled "The Challenge of Abortion" (following on from his earlier tome, "The Challenge of Homosexuality"... can we look forward to "The Challenge of Atheism", "The Challenge of Islam" and "The Challenge of Being a Moronic Christian" some time soon, Bill?), this slim and slight book, both in terms of content and quality, arrives in no bookshops any time in the future. It is, however, available online at Amazon, which is the platform Muehlenberg has self-published it through.

It's already garnered one review, from an R.B.McCoskrie, who raves: "This is a superb book. A must-read"...... And that's it. One can only hope that Mr McCoskrie doesn't pursue a career in literary criticism any time soon. The review is as thin as the book, and it seems likely, since the reviewer has only conjured a few other equally thin "reviews", that it's probably Muehlenberg awarding himself five stars.

For this book is every bit as embarrassing as Bill's desperate need for self-promotion and attention in self-publishing, and the pathetic review attached to it.

It's impossible to take seriously even from the cover of the book, which shows a very heavily pregnant woman cradling her stomach, with a stop sign around it. "Don't kill her baby," Muehlenberg is bleating. This is as misleading as it is outright dishonest. Most abortions are carried out within 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, and a woman won't even start to show a bump until around 12-18 weeks of pregnancy. No abortions are carried out after twenty-four weeks of pregnancy, so no heavily pregnant woman is eligible for an abortion. Muehlenberg's argument is so thin he has to resort even to an outright lie on the book's cover.

But perhaps the old adage of not judging a book by its cover should be adhered to. After all, Billy boy graciously allows a preview of the first few pages of his "book". There his arguments are as facile as they are on his blog, where he routinely labels abortion "baby killing", and thus loses any credibility he might otherwise have felt he had. A cluster of cells without a nervous system is not a baby. He even proposes a "slippery slope" argument (a favourite of the loony-right) that if abortion is permitted, then surely the killing of children once they are born will follow suit. Um, no Bill, because this is a straw man argument based on the false premise that aborted foetuses are fully-grown babies.

Muehlenberg twaddles on in this manner for in excess of one-hundred pages. If Mr McCoskrie truly sat and read it (unless McCoskrie really is Muehlenberg's role-playing name) then he must either be very patient or very stupid. Possibly both. Hard to see this one troubling the bestseller list. Another few boxes of unsold books will be joining Muehlenberg's titles attacking gay people. His garage must be full of unsold books by now.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Explained: why Bill Muehlenberg is a hater and a bigot

Could there possibly be a rational explanation for Bill Muehlenberg's extremist views and hatred of minorities? Until recently I didn't think so, and to be fair it could just be as simple as that he's an awful person: but I have recently been reading about a psychiatric condition and with every word I read I thought: Bill Muehlenberg.

He has paranoid personality disorder.

The condition, which is congenital, is characterised by extreme suspicion of others.
Individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder falsely believe that they are being victimized by others. They are highly critical of others, yet hypersensitive to criticism of themselves.
Uncanny. Bill is always talking about the "war" that he is "fighting" that "the other side started". He cannot tolerate any form of criticism of his views or beliefs, and reacts very angrily whenever anyone challenges him. As this blog has repeatedly proven, he resorts to censorship of comments when his allegations are challenged.
Minor slights arouse major hostility, and the hostile feelings persist for a long time. Their combative and suspicious nature may elicit a hostile response in others, which then serves to confirm their original expectations.
Take a look at the way Muehlenberg interacts with others, even fellow Christians who disagree with him. It ain't pretty. See An Encounter With Bill Muehlenberg for an insight into how he interacts with others.
Individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder are generally difficult to get along with and often have problems with close relationships because of their excessive suspiciousness and hostility. They usually are unable to collaborate well with others at work. 
Yes, Bill used to work at Monash University, but his extremist views made his position there untenable. He's only capable of working on his own, or with fellow extremists who shore up his paranoia.
They may have a need to have a high degree of control over those around them.
Well, we know that Bill has even removed the "your comment is awaiting moderation" feature to stop people like me proving that he is a manipulative liar and control freak, stopping free conversation and debate when it's not going his way. More disturbingly still, he promotes an anti-feminist stance which sees him asserting that patriarchal dominance is the correct and only family structure - conveniently for a control freak like him. One can only sympathise with his wife who puts up with this kind of bullying. His three children cannot be found online - do they even exist? Or does Muehlenberg insist on controlling every aspect of their lives too?
They may exhibit thinly hidden, unrealistic grandiose fantasies, are often attuned to issues of power and rank, and tend to develop negative stereotypes of others, particularly those from population groups distinct from their own.  
Wow! Well Muehlenberg thinks he's doing 'god's' work, and believes that the universe was created with him in mind. Tick! And he parades his negative and false stereotypes of Muslims, atheists and LGBT people on a daily basis on his website - all people from population groups distinct from his own.
More severely affected individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder may be perceived by others as “fanatics” and form tightly knit “cults” or groups with others who share their paranoid beliefs. 
Jackpot! Muehlenberg certainly puts the 'mentalist' into 'fundamentalist'. Any reasonable person would perceive someone who makes their living whipping up hatred against minorities and reading books only about Christian extremism as a fanatic. He has even started his own little cult in Culturewatch - a blog that attracts raving nutters who share his paranoid and extremist beliefs!

We think that decisively shows that Muehlenberg has Paranoid Personality Disorder. I wonder if most religious extremists and hate-leaders are similarly afflicted? And this in no way exonerates Muehlenberg of his extremist behaviour. He certainly needs psychiatric help to deal with his anger and hatred issues, but he still makes a conscious decision to make a living from peddling hate and bigotry.

Psychopaths are locked up for the physical safety of themselves and others. Whereas Muehlenberg keeps his hate in writing, for now, it's easy to see how some urgent psychiatry is needed before something pushes him over the edge.

Same sex marriage in Australia, for example?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Haters will be hated, Bill

It seems old Muehlenberg likes to spend his free time (i.e. time he doesn't spend attacking minorities) Googling his own name. And he sure doesn't like what he finds.

In "You Will Be Hated", Bill plays the victim card by claiming:
I have had entire websites set up just to attack me and vilify me. There have been annual awards given out in my name by angry atheists. I have even had Wikipedia pages set up about me by my enemies, filled with lies and calumny. And plenty of websites have whole pages dedicated to maliciously attacking me.
Well, this is just a blog. It doesn't cost me anything. And it's funny how such an obviously angry man such as Bill Muehlenberg, who hates so much his blood pressure must be through the roof, can, without any trace of irony call atheists "angry".

Here's the thing. Muehlenberg wants it all one-way. He expects to be able to launch attack after attack and smear-campaign after smear-campaign against atheists, gay people and Muslims, and not ever be challenged on his point of view. Indeed, as I have repeatedly stated in the past, this blog was solely set up because Meuhlenberg denied me the right of reply on his blog for no other reason than he was shown to be wrong. 

Muehlenberg rails against his Rationalwiki page:

I just stumbled upon one the other day. I don’t necessarily want to draw attention to these hate sites, nor do I usually spend any time looking through them. But this one was from an atheist wiki site. I will just offer the first statement from the page: “Bill Muehlenberg is an American-Australian Christian and homophobic/transphobic hate leader.”If you are interested, you can read more here:
Not wasting any time, they're clearly keeping a close eye on Muehlenberg's activities as they too have updated their page stating: 

Bill has seen this page, and he doesn't like it.
That's true. Bill hates other people having different points of view to him. His monumental arrogance means he believes he is the only source of truth and knowledge, as evidenced by the way in which he deals with those who politely disagree, with appalling malice and bigotry. But it's impossible to see what Rationalwiki says about him that constitutes a "lie". What could he possible challenge?
The truth hurts, doesn't it, Bill?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Stop crying, Bill, nobody's listening. Ireland voted YES!

...there are plenty of secular reasons to reject homosexual marriage as well. I have written three books on this already,

Bill says, on the day in which the traditionally staunchly-Catholic Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising same-sex marriage.

Predicting yet another victory for love, tolerance, equality and common humanity over the forces of hate, superstition and ignorance, Bill took to his blog to vent. I mean, how is this happening to him? Country after country in the west is passing equal marriage laws, and the Irish people have asked for equality, and yet Bill has written three anti-gay books!

Why is nobody paying any attention to him? Why is nobody buying his books? Instead, it's another sleepless night as Bill's preferred lifestyle of bullying and bigotry is consigned to history in yet another country.

Even if you do not have a religious bone in your body, there are plenty of arguments to be made from the secular point of view against sodomy and sodomite marriage,

says Bill Muehlenberg, degrading and debasing every gay person and every gay relationship in the world by reducing it to the act of anal sex. Presumably then, he's OK with lesbians getting married? And gay couples who don't practice anal sex? And presumably he wants to break up the straight marriages where anal sex is practised by consenting partners (or does he really think anal sex is just a gay thing?? He needs to get out more...)?

This just makes me livid.

We know, sweetie. Just take a chill pill and accept that you've lost the argument, and that most people in the west now recognise bigotry and discrimination against gay people as socially unacceptable. Meanwhile, we'll laugh at your increasing isolation and shrill hysteria because nobody's listening to you and your calls for bigotry and homophobia.

Bill goes on to denounce loving gay couples as "sham mockery of biblical marriage" - but guess what, Bill? The religious don't own marriage. Marriage is a civil contract, and for most people, religion doesn't come into it. Not everybody shares your views, in fact, you are in an increasingly small minority.

So deal with it instead of having tantrums because you've lost the argument and people see you for the hate-monger you are.

Monday, 18 May 2015

No, your arrogance is not 'love', Bill

Poor deluded Bill Muehlenberg. He's so confused about all the justifiable criticism he receives for his unceasing homophobic bigotry and relentless campaign of intolerance against an entire community of people that he's penned an article, 'No, Warning Is Not Hate' in an attempt to justify his malice.

What it amounts to is a self-pitying whinge that is the height of arrogance and self-deception. Muehlenberg believes he has the key to how to live, and any deviation from his prescription has to be belittled and preferably stamped out. Muehlenberg sees loving same-sex couples not as a beautiful, positive contribution to society, of two consenting adults sharing life experiences, but as something that he is entitled to interfere with and attempt to destroy - deluding himself that to do so would benefit the gay people.

When you are loving in the biblical sense, you cannot be indifferent to the lost, to the plight of those heading the wrong way, to those on a one-way trip to hell. To love such people means you will warn them, you will wave the red flag, you will do everything in your power to get them off the road to ruin.
says Bill. Yet it's funny that his 'love' for gay people, and his apparent concern that we are in some sort of danger (because the alleged creator of the universe is mostly preoccupied with what adult Homo sapiens do with their genitals on planet earth), amounts to a blog in which he regularly and routinely describes gay people in the most hideous and inflammatory language, trotting out ad hominems such as 'homonazi', 'homofascist' and 'pink jackboot' on a near-daily basis to describe anyone who dares to resist Bill's generous 'warning' and anti-gay agenda.

It's also strange that he's been banging the same drum of attacking gay people for decades now - clearly nobody is listening - yet that doesn't stop him from his unceasing attacks. Time to admit that you're wasting your time and pack it in, Bill? But without homophobic bigotry, what would he do with his time? And how would he earn any money? So, for purely selfish reasons, the attacks continue, which Bill tries to pass off as 'love', fooling nobody with a functioning brain cell. 

We are to do this with all sinners of course. Whatever the sin, we are to seek to alert them to their peril, and point them to the saviour. That is always the loving thing to do,
says Bill. Yet there are literally hundreds of articles on his website denouncing gay people. Where are the sections for other alleged 'sins' such as gluttony and pride? Oddly enough, Muehlenberg, himself a fat egomaniac, ignores the multitude of other human activities his cult decrees as 'sins' and bangs on more or less solely about homosexuality. So much for his concern for all 'sinners', and the state of his own waistline and his monumental ego and arrogance (he's surely heading to hell for those sins).

Then we have a blatant lie:

But what does self-loathing have to do with offering biblical warnings? The truth is, all sinners deep down feel this way – and well they should.
Bill, you can't just put 'the truth is' in front of something to then make it truth. Truth doesn't work like that! Self-loathing is no more prominent in gay people than it is in any other sections of society. Self-loathing is almost always as a result of rejection and homophobia, especially from within the family. But don't let the whole of social science research get in your way of making up facts as you go along. Oh, you haven't...
Equally unhelpful is the line about the church making homosexuals feel guilty. Well of course they feel guilty – because they are guilty. They, like all other sinners, know what they are doing is wrong, and they get angry when this is pointed out to them. 
Bill there seeks to speak for all LGBT people, and he has admitted on many occasions that he personally knows none at all (I think he fears he will explode from all the sin should he find himself within ten feet of someone fabulous).
To warn of the dangers of, say, drug addiction does not mean you hate the addicts.
Not a like-for-like comparison, Bill, since sexuality in itself is not an addiction, and cannot be changed. Yet where are your warnings of the dangers of drug addiction? Are they hiding behind your career of anti-gay propaganda?
And what is hateful about telling individual homosexuals that their lifestyle is dangerous, high risk, and possibly life-threatening, and that they need to flee from it?
Tall people have more back problems than shorter people. Maybe we should warn tall people to stop being so tall. Ginger people burn easily in the sun. Perhaps we should advise them that, to avoid the risk of skin cancer, they should acquire darker pigments? Old people are less resilient to illness and infection. Perhaps we should advise them to start being younger. Makes about as much sense as your proposal, Bill.
Those pushing this line might as well say opposing the criminal gangs wanting to hook kids on drugs is being hateful.
Where are your relentless campaigns against real social harms such as criminal gangs, drugs and violent crime, Bill? Oh right, yeah, gay people doing gay stuff together is far more concerning and thus far more appropriate use of your time because you're motivated solely by social conscience, right? Nothing to do with your deep-rooted homophobic prejudice *at all*? Gay couples living together and minding their own business is a far better target for your 'love' and 'help'. Yep. It's far easier for right-wing fundies like Bill Muehlenberg to make a sordid career out of attacking easy targets like LGBT people rather than face up to actual social evils. 
Loving homosexuals means telling them they don’t have to be homosexual. And those who claim that talking about a “cure” for homosexuality is harmful and hateful are also unbiblical and unhelpful.
No, Bill, they're only being 'unhelpful' in terms of your bullying crusade. Everyone apart from extremist fundies like you recognise that sexuality isn't, and never has been, a matter of choice, and that attempts to 'straighten' gay people are always doomed to failure, and that alleged 'therapy' is far more harmful than it is helpful. Let's not take my word for it, let's take the words of Alan Chambers, the former head of the now-defunct Exodus International, which never changed a single sexuality amongst its thousands of victims, Chambers himself included:
“We’re not going to control people anymore. We’re not going to tell them how they should live. We’re not going to be responsible for what they’re doing. It’s not our job. You are not the Holy Spirit. I am not the Holy Spirit. The church is not the Holy Spirit. We are called to proclaim the truth of who God is, the riches of his grace and his mercy. I am sorry I didn’t stand up to people publicly ‘on my side’ who called you names like sodomite—or worse. I am sorry that I, knowing some of you so well, failed to share publicly that the gay and lesbian people I know were every bit as capable of being amazing parents as the straight people that I know. I am sorry that when I celebrated a person coming to Christ and surrendering their sexuality to Him, I callously celebrated the end of relationships that broke your heart. I am sorry I have communicated that you and your families are less than me and mine. More than anything, I am sorry that so many have interpreted this religious rejection by Christians as God’s rejection.  I am profoundly sorry that many have walked away from their faith and that some have chosen to end their lives. You have never been my enemy.  I am very sorry that I have been yours. I hope changes in my own life, as well as the ones we announce tonight regarding Exodus International, will bring resolution, and show I am serious in both my regret and offer of friendship. I pledge that future endeavors will be focused on peace and common good.”
What more do you want, Bill? To drive every LGBT person to suicide with your constant abuse? I wonder if we will get a deathbed apology from Bill Muehlenberg for all the hostility, abuse and mud he threw at the LGBT community for decades, solely to line his fat stomach with food and put money in his pocket?
The only haters here are the activists who want people to stay trapped in an unhealthy and deadly lifestyle.
No, Bill, the only haters are those who would look at gay people and think, 'what would be best for them is for me to bully them and order them to change in a way that I wouldn't consider possible for myself'. As if 'activists' could 'trap' anybody in anything against their will: your anger and bigotry doesn't even make sense.

In his usual appalling arrogance, Muehlenberg makes the assumption that his marriage is worth more and has more validity than that of any gay couple, automatically. How self-congratulatory, and how false. I wonder if poor, blinking, captive Mrs Muehlenberg thinks so highly of her marriage?

It's time for you to leave your miserable lifestyle of haughty bullying and abuse. The only haters are those who act like gay people pose a bigger threat to society than criminal gangs, drug dealers, and others who you never voice any concern about. The only hater around here, Bill, is you, whose very career depends upon perpetual homophobia. Leave gay people alone. Then maybe you'll stop receiving criticism. Your abuse has to stop. Find another job and earn your money in a way that doesn't involve attacking innocent people. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bill picks and chooses which scientific facts are true

"I of course am neither a doctor nor a scientist. I would think a modicum of expertise in these fields would be of help as we weigh up the merits and demerits, the pros and cons, of vaccinations." Bill Muehlenberg, Vaccinations, the Public Good, and Big Brother.  
Funny how you don't apply that same standard when it comes to the biological sciences, isn't it, Bill? Funny, that.
 "I of course am neither a doctor nor a scientist. I would think a modicum of expertise in these fields would be of help as we weigh up the merits and demerits, the pros and cons, of evolution."
Spot the difference.

When it comes to understanding science, Bill's as big a hypocrite as in every other aspect of his life.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

No, Bill, it's not all about you.

Bill's at it again, with his selfish and egomaniacal need to put himself and his beliefs before those of other considerations, such as respect for others.

In On Attending Homosexual Weddings, he reminds us of his bigoted and intolerant position:
Let’s say your son or daughter announces that he or she is a homosexual, or a loved one does this. Then they tell you they are marrying, and they invite you to attend the wedding. What should you do?
 While each individual Christian might have to really prayerfully and carefully consider all this, I know where I stand. And I think we can make it more or less a general principle here as well. I would not attend. I would have to explain it carefully to my friends or whoever it is of course. I would have to make it clear that while I love them, I cannot in any way countenance, condone or approve of their sinful behaviour. And as such, I cannot attend a wedding which is all about celebrating such a sinful and ungodly union.

Of course, this is all hypothetical anyway, since Muehlenberg has admitted on several occasions that he would never be friends with a gay person, and he would disown his children if they came out as gay. And of course, making a living from virulent gay-hate, and earning money from spreading homophobic propaganda whilst shunning all LGBT people makes it extremely unlikely that Bill will be receiving an invite to a loving gay couple's wedding any time soon.

As in every aspect of his life, Muehlenberg is simply putting his bigotry and hate above all other considerations, and expects everybody else to do the same for fear of him labelling them "not a proper Christian".

For most religious people, this will be a matter of give and take. Just as LGBT people attend straight weddings and religious services that they probably don't believe in, so many, if not most Christians will support loved ones by attending their weddings, whether they be civil weddings, ceremonies of different religions, or same sex weddings.

It's called being a human being with a functioning moral compass with compassion for others.

Keep up the good work, Bill, in bullying and excluding your LGBT fellow travellers. It must be mighty lonely up on that pedestal you place yourself on.

It's just Bill and his loony followers who still think this way.

Chris Dark says, "These homosexuals have caused more stress in the world than almost anything I can think of." If we're that bad, Chris, do us a favour and let the stress give you a fatal heart attack. You won't be missed.

Confused elderly bigot Rachel Smith says: "If invited to a same sex marriage ceremony I would simply say “Sorry I don’t believe in same sex marriage any more than you believe in heterosexual marriage." Umm, so you really think gay people have never attended straight weddings, dear? Who do you think arranged the flowers and did the catering? Bless you, sweetheart.

But if Billy boy and his brigade of bigots ever emerged from under their self-congratulatory rocks and engaged with society, they'd lose their reason for self-righteous anger, and therefore their whole purpose in life. It's nice and warm under Bigot Rock, and lucrative too, whilst the homophobia still pays to put food in Muehlenberg's bloated stomach.

Friday, 3 April 2015

These Guys Sure Know How to Hate

In an exercise in pure irony, Bill Muehlenberg pens another ugly attack on the LGBT community which he calls These Guys Sure Know How To Hate. Astonishingly, the irony appears to be unintentional.

For fighting for equal rights and to end religious discrimination, the LGBT community is, in Muehlenberg's twisted mind, "hateful" and "anti-Christian".
There are no greater haters than the homosexual activists,
Muehlenberg rails. OK, Bill. So it's gay people who want to deny Christians the right to marry, is it? Oh, wait, no, that hatred is entirely the other way around. Name one gay person, Bill, who actively campaigns to ban Christian marriage? Yet you, and everyone you associate with gleefully does the reverse. But apparently it's the gay community who are the haters. Hmmm.
And all their hatred gives lie to the claim that they just want to be left alone to live in peace. 
Hmmm. Which gay manifesto have you been reading, Bill? LGBT people have plenty to offer society. We don't want to go and live in a cave somewhere, away from 'civilisation', whilst allowing heteros to live in peace without us spoiling everything for them. Would you say minorities like Christians want to be "left alone to live in peace"? No, so again, the hatred is all one way here.

The reason for Bill's ire this time is the anti-gay Indiana Religious Freedom bill, which, after two days of controversy, has already been amended.
The foaming at the mouth over the Indiana religious freedom law is a case in point. These guys have gone absolutely ballistic, showing just how much they are into tolerance, acceptance and diversity – the very things they scream about all the time.
LOL. It's precisely because the LGBT community advocates tolerance and acceptance and diversity that this bill is being opposed, Bill! Are you such an idiot that you can't figure that out? If you can point out an LGBT-run service that turns away Christians because of their faith, then I would join you in saying that is reprehensible and socially unacceptable. It doesn't happen. What you want to see is the reverse, though. You want Christians to be able to turn away gay citizens with impunity. And when such moves are resisted, you claim it's all down to "hate". What a narrow, false and self-congratulatory view of the world you have, Bill. Plenty of people, gay and straight, could see the flagrant injustice of the Indiana bill and have come out in support of extending tolerance to everybody, not just to whomsoever bible-believing Christians wish to "tolerate". That is what tolerance means.

And as for his claim that it's the LGBT community who are guilty of hate, Bill round his article out by saying that his love and compassion for gay people extends to him saying to them that they could easily choose to be straight, and don't have to be gay at all. I have, and will continue to say to Christians, that what they believe is superstitious bullshit, and if they learned some science, history and philosophy, they could easily emancipate themselves from their childish beliefs and embrace reason and truth. I would not, however, dress this up as "love". And neither would you see it that way, Bill. So stick your "love" up where the sun don't shine, Bill, until you choke on it.

And let's not forget that Muehlenberg has stated that he wishes to see homosexuality criminalised throughout the West. He said the following about Singapore, which recently voted to retain the criminalisation of homosexuality.
It is still a socially conservative nation, and its Christians have had a healthy impact on the land. But as things really begin to hot up, including the increasing push by the homosexual activists, we will soon learn if Singapore stands strong, or simply follows the West down the tubes. Just over a month ago Section 377a of the Penal Code was upheld by a high-up appeals court, keeping homosexuality in check – for now at least. But as I have been warning, the activists never sleep, and will of course keep chipping away.
So Bill sees gay people in Singapore campaigning for the right not to be locked up for loving somebody of the same sex essentially as pesky gay activists wanting to ruin a good thing. His idea of an ideal society is one in which LGBT people are bullied, criminalised, oppressed and silenced. So much for Bill's "love".

The "love" and "tolerance" continues in the comments. Here are just a few snapshots of typical Christian "love":
unhinged onslaught of the militants 
more than a few people are getting absolutely fed up with these bullies  
I don’t want to sound pedantic but paedophiles and those who suffer from same-sex attraction want us all to use the word gay without inverted commas. This is an attempt to normalise and legitimise their chosen behaviour.  
pedantic pampered pooches  
I always write same sex “marriage” too. The very idea is an absurdity as well as an abuse of language. 
So the sodomites are showing their true rainbow shirt colours.
Yeah, your website is oozing with love and tolerance, Bill! Why not just be honest and call your hate what it is: hate?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Whoops, your hypocrisy is showing again, Bill...

Within a few short sentences of Muehlenberg ranting and raving, he reveals his deep-rooted hypocrisy and his wish to impose his theocracy on the rest of us.

He entitles an article We No Longer Have a Free Press, Only a Homosexual Press, and bemoans the alleged fact that the media is "force-feeding the homosexual agenda" on an unsuspecting public. It doesn't seem to once occur to Muehlenberg that he's quite at liberty to run a gay-hate blog, self-publish books attacking the LGBT community, and post hateful videos that attempt to derail equality (good luck with that). Nor does it occur to him to mention, as he often boasts, that he has made countless radio show appearances to allow him airtime to spread his homophobic lies and propaganda. The idea that he is silenced is ludicrous, to say the least.

What's really grinding his gears is that an article supportive of the Sydney Mardi Gras could be published in a newspaper at all. He soon shows his true censorious colours:
In the old days this would be reported to the Press Council and those responsible would have been strictly censored. But not anymore.
Hang on a minute, Bill! Weren't you just crying that "Once upon a time there existed what was known as a free press"? Either the press is free to publish whatever opinions it likes, or it isn't. And either you support a free press, which includes one that is, um, free to publish opinions you don't like, or you don't. So which is it, Bill? Because you can't have it both ways. Though, as always, that's exactly what you want.

Muehlenberg's idea of a "free press" is clearly one in which only a worldview he supports sees the light of day and all other views are strictly censored - in other words, exactly what he is (unfairly) attacking the media for in the first place! How many times on this blog have I revealed Muehlenberg's brazen hypocrisy?

For publishing a pro-gay article, Muehlenberg says this of the Herald Sun:
Thanks a lot for this impartial, unbiased and fact-based reporting Herald Sun. You guys are utterly despicable, and really should be put out of your misery.   
So let's get this straight, Bill: because you support a "free press", you believe that the Herald Sun ought to be put out of business, and its journalists strung up, because they had the temerity to publish an article which you personally disapprove of?  Ummmm.... You, sir, are a hypocrite.
Indeed, I have no doubt at all that the journalist who did this shocking hatchet job is a homosexual. 
Shocking! A gay journalist! Quick! String them up and keep Muehlenberg happy! No gay journalists, and no pro-gay articles, not in Bill Muehlenberg's definition of a "free press"!

Are any of Bill's rabid supporters going to defend him against this clear example of hypocrisy? *crickets chirping*

Saturday, 14 February 2015

An Encounter with Bill Muehlenberg...

How interesting! I found an online blogger who has written about his harrowing experience posting comments on Bill Muehlenberg's blog. As he had the temerity to disagree with Muehlenberg, he was met with Muehlenberg's customary arrogance, wrath and nastiness.

Here's the twist. The guy posting on CultureWatch, Lee Herridge, is in fact an Xtian, a right-wing nutter, and every bit as homophobic as Muehlenberg himself!

It is proof that Muehlenberg is the quintessential bully, unable to tolerate dissent from any quarter on any subject. You can read for yourself the abuse that was thrown Lee Herridge's way for daring to disagree with Muehlenberg, and the extraordinary depths of Muehlenberg's paranoia, by following this link:

However, if you don't want to read the whole thing, allow me to give you some choice quotations that shore up what I have carefully documented on this blog: Muehlenberg is a bully, a paranoid, and arrogant enough to think that anyone who disagrees with him has to be shouted down or censored entirely.

Muehlenberg's censorship and paranoia as he explains why he didn't post Herridge's comments:
I wait barely a day and I see you have already shown your true colours, with a full-length attack on me on your website. So now that we all know where you are coming from, I simply refer you to my commenting rules. I will let you do your thing on your own website, instead of taking up space on mine. 
Herridge, scratching his head in bewilderment, comments:
Apparently I breached the commenting rules, presumably for attacking him. However, apart from telling him to not be too presumptuous, I didn’t make any statement about what sort of person he is so I’m not sure how Bill defines an attack on his person.
Welcome to reality, Lee! Disagreeing with Muehlenberg on anything, and not kissing his ass and telling him how right he is, is in Muehlenberg's eyes, tantamount to an attack upon his person. He's a whiny, self-pitying little bitch, that's the reality. does seem to stand that those who disagree with Bill ‘The Man’ Meuhlenberg find their voices heard no more than once, which is a real shame. When opinion stands unchallenged, it becomes an echo chamber and all the yes men become a cacophony of emptiness. Good ideas are strengthened by contrary views, not weakened. 
Yep, quite right, Lee. But Bill won't stomach any contrary voice. He's not interested in debate, and anyone who is he quickly labels as a "mischief maker", and denounces them, inviting those who never question him to join the attack.
However, I don’t appreciate being treated as an idiot (which is the opposite of being treated ‘respectfully’). 
If you don't want to be spoken down to by an idiot, don't point out Bill's ignorance and error on his blog.
Which leaves you to ask: does a guy who rails against secularists for their opposition to a Christian’s right to express their beliefs have double standards? Does he criticise others but fail to listen to the criticism of those on his side?
Yep, even the religious right have now figured that Bill Muehlenberg is an outright hypocrite. Nice one, Billy Boy.

Here's a heartwarming picture of Bill Muenlenberg foisting his book of homophobic bigotry onto a dying old woman. He's so desperate for anyone to read it so he can shift the six boxes of books taking up space in his attic.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Let Me Explain Hate To You, Bill

Bill Muehlenberg's self-pity knows no limits. He daily publishes attacks on gay people, Muslims and atheists, and expects his vitriol and bile to be entirely one way.

He's published some comments (some of them are very witty!) of what some people have commented, and shared them with his readers looking for sympathy.

Bill's big lie is:

they also demonstrate how the other side “argues”. Seldom are facts, rational thoughts, and cogent arguments used. Instead, mud-slinging, name-calling and non-stop abuse are hurled my way.
Actually, Bill, you and your rancid party of bigots are ten times worse. Here's the proof:

oh, and here too:

 and here again:
But no, your side "argues" politely, Bill. Keep telling yourself that lie, but don't expect anyone else to fall for it.

Not agreeing with Muehlenberg = "rebellion"

Up to his usual standard of idiocy, Muehlenberg has now decided that anyone who isn't a Christian (and one who agrees with him on everything) is in "rebellion" and that there are only "cheap excuses" for not believing his particular evidence-free set of supernatural beliefs. 

I'm referring to his article "Making Cheap Excuses For Rebellion", where Muehlenberg gnashes his teeth and farts in the general direction of anyone who doesn't share his beliefs. He talks especially about some guy called George Perdikis, who was in a "Christian rock" band (sorry, Christians, but rock isn't for you), but who has since read some science and realised his former beliefs were crazy, and has now embraced reality. 

Muehlenberg calls this a "rather arrogant" headline:

“I Co-Founded One of the Most Popular Christian Rock Bands Ever… and I’m Now An Atheist”.

Sorry, Billy, but where is the arrogance? That is purely a statement of fact. He leaves anyone reading his article with any critical faculties wondering where on earth the arrogance is he's referring to: perhaps he thinks it's arrogant just to say "I'm an atheist"? Who knows how Muehlenberg's impervious-to-reason mind works.

Anyway, back to Perdikis. Apparently he's now an atheist because he's done some reading. That makes sense. Reading is the best way to learn, and all the well-read people I know are atheists, or agnostics at the least. By well-read, I don't mean the quantity of books they've read, but the quality coupled with the depth and breadth of subject matter. Muehlenberg only ever reads Christian texts that support what he already perceives to be the case. He certainly never reads any science, which is what, when properly understood (the age and scale of the universe plus the fact of evolution) that bring most people to reject the parochial nature of revealed religion.

Never one to miss the opportunity for an ad hominem attack though, especially upon one of the great influential public intellectuals of our time, Bill Muehleberg, or to give him his full academic title, "Bill Muehlenberg" (who has never read The God Delusion, of course) says this of Richard Dawkins, emeritus professor of zoology at Oxford University:
I mean really, reading someone like Dawkins opened his eyes? Puh-leeese. Even fellow atheists say that reading Dawkins (especially his appalling The God Delusion) makes them embarrassed to be atheists.
There's clearly a touch of sour grapes here. Dawkins made a fortune from worldwide sales of The God Delusion, and continues to do so, and has brought many people to atheism. Muehlenberg's "books", published by minor Christian publishers, have reached... 10s? 100s? Anyone besides family and friends? Yeah, no sour grapes there, eh, Billy?

Muehlenberg also doesn't tackle the fact that Perdikis has also read the great science popularisers, and atheists, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss and Brian Cox. Similarly, Muehlenberg is too pig ignorant to have read any of them, and is too stupid to understand them. That's why he sticks with the rantings of Bronze Age shepherds and the fairytales surrounding them. He has never grown up as a reader.

The rest of his article is a pathetic whinge about Perdikis changing his mind about his theological beliefs.
It is because of selfish and sinful lifestyles that people stay away from Christ and the truth of the gospel. So all that Perdikis is telling us here is that he prefers to live a life of sin and rebellion instead of allowing himself to be transformed and remade in the image of Christ. 
Way to "argue" your case, Bill. Start with a false premise and end with a non sequitur. He had already said that Perdikis came to atheism through reading science, but no: Bill knows better. And anyone who doesn't believe the childish nonsense Muehlenberg's head is full of must be a despicable person who has to be publically reproached by a right-wing tosser.
George Perdikis is without excuse
whines Bill. No, Perdikis has given his valid reasons for rejecting your crazy beliefs, Bill. He has done so politely and with honesty. Only a vile piece of work like Muehlenberg would see someone changing their mind as an excuse to attack them with anger and hatred. That is what Muehlenberg feels about anyone and everyone who doesn't stroke his ego and share his rancid bigoted faith. Muehlenberg proves once again that his agenda is to bully, slander and harangue anyone who isn't just like he is.