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Friday, 30 January 2015

Let Me Explain Hate To You, Bill

Bill Muehlenberg's self-pity knows no limits. He daily publishes attacks on gay people, Muslims and atheists, and expects his vitriol and bile to be entirely one way.

He's published some comments (some of them are very witty!) of what some people have commented, and shared them with his readers looking for sympathy.

Bill's big lie is:

they also demonstrate how the other side “argues”. Seldom are facts, rational thoughts, and cogent arguments used. Instead, mud-slinging, name-calling and non-stop abuse are hurled my way.
Actually, Bill, you and your rancid party of bigots are ten times worse. Here's the proof:

oh, and here too:

 and here again:
But no, your side "argues" politely, Bill. Keep telling yourself that lie, but don't expect anyone else to fall for it.

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