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Friday, 30 January 2015

Not agreeing with Muehlenberg = "rebellion"

Up to his usual standard of idiocy, Muehlenberg has now decided that anyone who isn't a Christian (and one who agrees with him on everything) is in "rebellion" and that there are only "cheap excuses" for not believing his particular evidence-free set of supernatural beliefs. 

I'm referring to his article "Making Cheap Excuses For Rebellion", where Muehlenberg gnashes his teeth and farts in the general direction of anyone who doesn't share his beliefs. He talks especially about some guy called George Perdikis, who was in a "Christian rock" band (sorry, Christians, but rock isn't for you), but who has since read some science and realised his former beliefs were crazy, and has now embraced reality. 

Muehlenberg calls this a "rather arrogant" headline:

“I Co-Founded One of the Most Popular Christian Rock Bands Ever… and I’m Now An Atheist”.

Sorry, Billy, but where is the arrogance? That is purely a statement of fact. He leaves anyone reading his article with any critical faculties wondering where on earth the arrogance is he's referring to: perhaps he thinks it's arrogant just to say "I'm an atheist"? Who knows how Muehlenberg's impervious-to-reason mind works.

Anyway, back to Perdikis. Apparently he's now an atheist because he's done some reading. That makes sense. Reading is the best way to learn, and all the well-read people I know are atheists, or agnostics at the least. By well-read, I don't mean the quantity of books they've read, but the quality coupled with the depth and breadth of subject matter. Muehlenberg only ever reads Christian texts that support what he already perceives to be the case. He certainly never reads any science, which is what, when properly understood (the age and scale of the universe plus the fact of evolution) that bring most people to reject the parochial nature of revealed religion.

Never one to miss the opportunity for an ad hominem attack though, especially upon one of the great influential public intellectuals of our time, Bill Muehleberg, or to give him his full academic title, "Bill Muehlenberg" (who has never read The God Delusion, of course) says this of Richard Dawkins, emeritus professor of zoology at Oxford University:
I mean really, reading someone like Dawkins opened his eyes? Puh-leeese. Even fellow atheists say that reading Dawkins (especially his appalling The God Delusion) makes them embarrassed to be atheists.
There's clearly a touch of sour grapes here. Dawkins made a fortune from worldwide sales of The God Delusion, and continues to do so, and has brought many people to atheism. Muehlenberg's "books", published by minor Christian publishers, have reached... 10s? 100s? Anyone besides family and friends? Yeah, no sour grapes there, eh, Billy?

Muehlenberg also doesn't tackle the fact that Perdikis has also read the great science popularisers, and atheists, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss and Brian Cox. Similarly, Muehlenberg is too pig ignorant to have read any of them, and is too stupid to understand them. That's why he sticks with the rantings of Bronze Age shepherds and the fairytales surrounding them. He has never grown up as a reader.

The rest of his article is a pathetic whinge about Perdikis changing his mind about his theological beliefs.
It is because of selfish and sinful lifestyles that people stay away from Christ and the truth of the gospel. So all that Perdikis is telling us here is that he prefers to live a life of sin and rebellion instead of allowing himself to be transformed and remade in the image of Christ. 
Way to "argue" your case, Bill. Start with a false premise and end with a non sequitur. He had already said that Perdikis came to atheism through reading science, but no: Bill knows better. And anyone who doesn't believe the childish nonsense Muehlenberg's head is full of must be a despicable person who has to be publically reproached by a right-wing tosser.
George Perdikis is without excuse
whines Bill. No, Perdikis has given his valid reasons for rejecting your crazy beliefs, Bill. He has done so politely and with honesty. Only a vile piece of work like Muehlenberg would see someone changing their mind as an excuse to attack them with anger and hatred. That is what Muehlenberg feels about anyone and everyone who doesn't stroke his ego and share his rancid bigoted faith. Muehlenberg proves once again that his agenda is to bully, slander and harangue anyone who isn't just like he is. 

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