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Saturday, 14 February 2015

An Encounter with Bill Muehlenberg...

How interesting! I found an online blogger who has written about his harrowing experience posting comments on Bill Muehlenberg's blog. As he had the temerity to disagree with Muehlenberg, he was met with Muehlenberg's customary arrogance, wrath and nastiness.

Here's the twist. The guy posting on CultureWatch, Lee Herridge, is in fact an Xtian, a right-wing nutter, and every bit as homophobic as Muehlenberg himself!

It is proof that Muehlenberg is the quintessential bully, unable to tolerate dissent from any quarter on any subject. You can read for yourself the abuse that was thrown Lee Herridge's way for daring to disagree with Muehlenberg, and the extraordinary depths of Muehlenberg's paranoia, by following this link:

However, if you don't want to read the whole thing, allow me to give you some choice quotations that shore up what I have carefully documented on this blog: Muehlenberg is a bully, a paranoid, and arrogant enough to think that anyone who disagrees with him has to be shouted down or censored entirely.

Muehlenberg's censorship and paranoia as he explains why he didn't post Herridge's comments:
I wait barely a day and I see you have already shown your true colours, with a full-length attack on me on your website. So now that we all know where you are coming from, I simply refer you to my commenting rules. I will let you do your thing on your own website, instead of taking up space on mine. 
Herridge, scratching his head in bewilderment, comments:
Apparently I breached the commenting rules, presumably for attacking him. However, apart from telling him to not be too presumptuous, I didn’t make any statement about what sort of person he is so I’m not sure how Bill defines an attack on his person.
Welcome to reality, Lee! Disagreeing with Muehlenberg on anything, and not kissing his ass and telling him how right he is, is in Muehlenberg's eyes, tantamount to an attack upon his person. He's a whiny, self-pitying little bitch, that's the reality. does seem to stand that those who disagree with Bill ‘The Man’ Meuhlenberg find their voices heard no more than once, which is a real shame. When opinion stands unchallenged, it becomes an echo chamber and all the yes men become a cacophony of emptiness. Good ideas are strengthened by contrary views, not weakened. 
Yep, quite right, Lee. But Bill won't stomach any contrary voice. He's not interested in debate, and anyone who is he quickly labels as a "mischief maker", and denounces them, inviting those who never question him to join the attack.
However, I don’t appreciate being treated as an idiot (which is the opposite of being treated ‘respectfully’). 
If you don't want to be spoken down to by an idiot, don't point out Bill's ignorance and error on his blog.
Which leaves you to ask: does a guy who rails against secularists for their opposition to a Christian’s right to express their beliefs have double standards? Does he criticise others but fail to listen to the criticism of those on his side?
Yep, even the religious right have now figured that Bill Muehlenberg is an outright hypocrite. Nice one, Billy Boy.

Here's a heartwarming picture of Bill Muenlenberg foisting his book of homophobic bigotry onto a dying old woman. He's so desperate for anyone to read it so he can shift the six boxes of books taking up space in his attic.


  1. I suspect she's going to use the book to euthanise herself.

  2. Keep in mind that Bill Muehlenberg wasn't born a precious & pompous bigot - it's a lifestyle choice.

    I'm sure that with some ongoing aversion therapy and some prayers, he can be cured. Can I suggest being hooked up to electrodes; preferably 20kV+?

  3. Great job again. I've through all your posts and found them very pertinent. Thumbs up.