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Friday, 13 March 2015

Whoops, your hypocrisy is showing again, Bill...

Within a few short sentences of Muehlenberg ranting and raving, he reveals his deep-rooted hypocrisy and his wish to impose his theocracy on the rest of us.

He entitles an article We No Longer Have a Free Press, Only a Homosexual Press, and bemoans the alleged fact that the media is "force-feeding the homosexual agenda" on an unsuspecting public. It doesn't seem to once occur to Muehlenberg that he's quite at liberty to run a gay-hate blog, self-publish books attacking the LGBT community, and post hateful videos that attempt to derail equality (good luck with that). Nor does it occur to him to mention, as he often boasts, that he has made countless radio show appearances to allow him airtime to spread his homophobic lies and propaganda. The idea that he is silenced is ludicrous, to say the least.

What's really grinding his gears is that an article supportive of the Sydney Mardi Gras could be published in a newspaper at all. He soon shows his true censorious colours:
In the old days this would be reported to the Press Council and those responsible would have been strictly censored. But not anymore.
Hang on a minute, Bill! Weren't you just crying that "Once upon a time there existed what was known as a free press"? Either the press is free to publish whatever opinions it likes, or it isn't. And either you support a free press, which includes one that is, um, free to publish opinions you don't like, or you don't. So which is it, Bill? Because you can't have it both ways. Though, as always, that's exactly what you want.

Muehlenberg's idea of a "free press" is clearly one in which only a worldview he supports sees the light of day and all other views are strictly censored - in other words, exactly what he is (unfairly) attacking the media for in the first place! How many times on this blog have I revealed Muehlenberg's brazen hypocrisy?

For publishing a pro-gay article, Muehlenberg says this of the Herald Sun:
Thanks a lot for this impartial, unbiased and fact-based reporting Herald Sun. You guys are utterly despicable, and really should be put out of your misery.   
So let's get this straight, Bill: because you support a "free press", you believe that the Herald Sun ought to be put out of business, and its journalists strung up, because they had the temerity to publish an article which you personally disapprove of?  Ummmm.... You, sir, are a hypocrite.
Indeed, I have no doubt at all that the journalist who did this shocking hatchet job is a homosexual. 
Shocking! A gay journalist! Quick! String them up and keep Muehlenberg happy! No gay journalists, and no pro-gay articles, not in Bill Muehlenberg's definition of a "free press"!

Are any of Bill's rabid supporters going to defend him against this clear example of hypocrisy? *crickets chirping*

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