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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bill picks and chooses which scientific facts are true

"I of course am neither a doctor nor a scientist. I would think a modicum of expertise in these fields would be of help as we weigh up the merits and demerits, the pros and cons, of vaccinations." Bill Muehlenberg, Vaccinations, the Public Good, and Big Brother.  
Funny how you don't apply that same standard when it comes to the biological sciences, isn't it, Bill? Funny, that.
 "I of course am neither a doctor nor a scientist. I would think a modicum of expertise in these fields would be of help as we weigh up the merits and demerits, the pros and cons, of evolution."
Spot the difference.

When it comes to understanding science, Bill's as big a hypocrite as in every other aspect of his life.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

No, Bill, it's not all about you.

Bill's at it again, with his selfish and egomaniacal need to put himself and his beliefs before those of other considerations, such as respect for others.

In On Attending Homosexual Weddings, he reminds us of his bigoted and intolerant position:
Let’s say your son or daughter announces that he or she is a homosexual, or a loved one does this. Then they tell you they are marrying, and they invite you to attend the wedding. What should you do?
 While each individual Christian might have to really prayerfully and carefully consider all this, I know where I stand. And I think we can make it more or less a general principle here as well. I would not attend. I would have to explain it carefully to my friends or whoever it is of course. I would have to make it clear that while I love them, I cannot in any way countenance, condone or approve of their sinful behaviour. And as such, I cannot attend a wedding which is all about celebrating such a sinful and ungodly union.

Of course, this is all hypothetical anyway, since Muehlenberg has admitted on several occasions that he would never be friends with a gay person, and he would disown his children if they came out as gay. And of course, making a living from virulent gay-hate, and earning money from spreading homophobic propaganda whilst shunning all LGBT people makes it extremely unlikely that Bill will be receiving an invite to a loving gay couple's wedding any time soon.

As in every aspect of his life, Muehlenberg is simply putting his bigotry and hate above all other considerations, and expects everybody else to do the same for fear of him labelling them "not a proper Christian".

For most religious people, this will be a matter of give and take. Just as LGBT people attend straight weddings and religious services that they probably don't believe in, so many, if not most Christians will support loved ones by attending their weddings, whether they be civil weddings, ceremonies of different religions, or same sex weddings.

It's called being a human being with a functioning moral compass with compassion for others.

Keep up the good work, Bill, in bullying and excluding your LGBT fellow travellers. It must be mighty lonely up on that pedestal you place yourself on.

It's just Bill and his loony followers who still think this way.

Chris Dark says, "These homosexuals have caused more stress in the world than almost anything I can think of." If we're that bad, Chris, do us a favour and let the stress give you a fatal heart attack. You won't be missed.

Confused elderly bigot Rachel Smith says: "If invited to a same sex marriage ceremony I would simply say “Sorry I don’t believe in same sex marriage any more than you believe in heterosexual marriage." Umm, so you really think gay people have never attended straight weddings, dear? Who do you think arranged the flowers and did the catering? Bless you, sweetheart.

But if Billy boy and his brigade of bigots ever emerged from under their self-congratulatory rocks and engaged with society, they'd lose their reason for self-righteous anger, and therefore their whole purpose in life. It's nice and warm under Bigot Rock, and lucrative too, whilst the homophobia still pays to put food in Muehlenberg's bloated stomach.

Friday, 3 April 2015

These Guys Sure Know How to Hate

In an exercise in pure irony, Bill Muehlenberg pens another ugly attack on the LGBT community which he calls These Guys Sure Know How To Hate. Astonishingly, the irony appears to be unintentional.

For fighting for equal rights and to end religious discrimination, the LGBT community is, in Muehlenberg's twisted mind, "hateful" and "anti-Christian".
There are no greater haters than the homosexual activists,
Muehlenberg rails. OK, Bill. So it's gay people who want to deny Christians the right to marry, is it? Oh, wait, no, that hatred is entirely the other way around. Name one gay person, Bill, who actively campaigns to ban Christian marriage? Yet you, and everyone you associate with gleefully does the reverse. But apparently it's the gay community who are the haters. Hmmm.
And all their hatred gives lie to the claim that they just want to be left alone to live in peace. 
Hmmm. Which gay manifesto have you been reading, Bill? LGBT people have plenty to offer society. We don't want to go and live in a cave somewhere, away from 'civilisation', whilst allowing heteros to live in peace without us spoiling everything for them. Would you say minorities like Christians want to be "left alone to live in peace"? No, so again, the hatred is all one way here.

The reason for Bill's ire this time is the anti-gay Indiana Religious Freedom bill, which, after two days of controversy, has already been amended.
The foaming at the mouth over the Indiana religious freedom law is a case in point. These guys have gone absolutely ballistic, showing just how much they are into tolerance, acceptance and diversity – the very things they scream about all the time.
LOL. It's precisely because the LGBT community advocates tolerance and acceptance and diversity that this bill is being opposed, Bill! Are you such an idiot that you can't figure that out? If you can point out an LGBT-run service that turns away Christians because of their faith, then I would join you in saying that is reprehensible and socially unacceptable. It doesn't happen. What you want to see is the reverse, though. You want Christians to be able to turn away gay citizens with impunity. And when such moves are resisted, you claim it's all down to "hate". What a narrow, false and self-congratulatory view of the world you have, Bill. Plenty of people, gay and straight, could see the flagrant injustice of the Indiana bill and have come out in support of extending tolerance to everybody, not just to whomsoever bible-believing Christians wish to "tolerate". That is what tolerance means.

And as for his claim that it's the LGBT community who are guilty of hate, Bill round his article out by saying that his love and compassion for gay people extends to him saying to them that they could easily choose to be straight, and don't have to be gay at all. I have, and will continue to say to Christians, that what they believe is superstitious bullshit, and if they learned some science, history and philosophy, they could easily emancipate themselves from their childish beliefs and embrace reason and truth. I would not, however, dress this up as "love". And neither would you see it that way, Bill. So stick your "love" up where the sun don't shine, Bill, until you choke on it.

And let's not forget that Muehlenberg has stated that he wishes to see homosexuality criminalised throughout the West. He said the following about Singapore, which recently voted to retain the criminalisation of homosexuality.
It is still a socially conservative nation, and its Christians have had a healthy impact on the land. But as things really begin to hot up, including the increasing push by the homosexual activists, we will soon learn if Singapore stands strong, or simply follows the West down the tubes. Just over a month ago Section 377a of the Penal Code was upheld by a high-up appeals court, keeping homosexuality in check – for now at least. But as I have been warning, the activists never sleep, and will of course keep chipping away.
So Bill sees gay people in Singapore campaigning for the right not to be locked up for loving somebody of the same sex essentially as pesky gay activists wanting to ruin a good thing. His idea of an ideal society is one in which LGBT people are bullied, criminalised, oppressed and silenced. So much for Bill's "love".

The "love" and "tolerance" continues in the comments. Here are just a few snapshots of typical Christian "love":
unhinged onslaught of the militants 
more than a few people are getting absolutely fed up with these bullies  
I don’t want to sound pedantic but paedophiles and those who suffer from same-sex attraction want us all to use the word gay without inverted commas. This is an attempt to normalise and legitimise their chosen behaviour.  
pedantic pampered pooches  
I always write same sex “marriage” too. The very idea is an absurdity as well as an abuse of language. 
So the sodomites are showing their true rainbow shirt colours.
Yeah, your website is oozing with love and tolerance, Bill! Why not just be honest and call your hate what it is: hate?