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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Haters will be hated, Bill

It seems old Muehlenberg likes to spend his free time (i.e. time he doesn't spend attacking minorities) Googling his own name. And he sure doesn't like what he finds.

In "You Will Be Hated", Bill plays the victim card by claiming:
I have had entire websites set up just to attack me and vilify me. There have been annual awards given out in my name by angry atheists. I have even had Wikipedia pages set up about me by my enemies, filled with lies and calumny. And plenty of websites have whole pages dedicated to maliciously attacking me.
Well, this is just a blog. It doesn't cost me anything. And it's funny how such an obviously angry man such as Bill Muehlenberg, who hates so much his blood pressure must be through the roof, can, without any trace of irony call atheists "angry".

Here's the thing. Muehlenberg wants it all one-way. He expects to be able to launch attack after attack and smear-campaign after smear-campaign against atheists, gay people and Muslims, and not ever be challenged on his point of view. Indeed, as I have repeatedly stated in the past, this blog was solely set up because Meuhlenberg denied me the right of reply on his blog for no other reason than he was shown to be wrong. 

Muehlenberg rails against his Rationalwiki page:

I just stumbled upon one the other day. I don’t necessarily want to draw attention to these hate sites, nor do I usually spend any time looking through them. But this one was from an atheist wiki site. I will just offer the first statement from the page: “Bill Muehlenberg is an American-Australian Christian and homophobic/transphobic hate leader.”If you are interested, you can read more here:
Not wasting any time, they're clearly keeping a close eye on Muehlenberg's activities as they too have updated their page stating: 

Bill has seen this page, and he doesn't like it.
That's true. Bill hates other people having different points of view to him. His monumental arrogance means he believes he is the only source of truth and knowledge, as evidenced by the way in which he deals with those who politely disagree, with appalling malice and bigotry. But it's impossible to see what Rationalwiki says about him that constitutes a "lie". What could he possible challenge?
The truth hurts, doesn't it, Bill?


  1. And I was brainwashed into believing that Christians were the good guys. Bill Muehlenberg is an absolute nutjob. His website is unbearable. His followers are absolute wankers from another era. So sexually repressed. I just wish I was a fly on the wall when one of their daughter's gets caught sneaking a big black sailor into the house.

    1. Lol! Bill certainly thinks he's one of the good guys. His capacity for self-deception is mind-boggling.

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  2. I really don't think Mr. Meulenberg is being fair here. All rationalwiki's description of him states is that he's a homophobic/transphobic hate leader. Whether or not he's a hate leader may be debatable but the fact the he uses his blog to write articles that are demanding, demonising and often blatantly false about LGBTs, non-christians and political parties he doesn't like probably gives some justification to that statement. Given that he refers to any pro-LGBT organisation or person or any action taken to defend LGBTs as militant, uses offensive terms like homosexulist and gaysepto and refers to people's gender identity as Transanity, he can hardly complain when he's called out for doing so. Quite frankly I'm surprised nobody has brought a vilification lawsuit against him under state sexuality and gender identity vilification law. Some of the articles that the author of this site has examined, particularly those related to child sexual abuse would probably come close to being vilification within the terms of the Qld Anti-discrimination act.