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Monday, 30 November 2015

It's an abortion of a book, Bill

Not content with self-publishing two books attacking the LGBT community, Bill Muehlenberg has now turned the attention of his prolific anger against women who have an abortion, and their pro-choice supporters.

Imaginatively-titled "The Challenge of Abortion" (following on from his earlier tome, "The Challenge of Homosexuality"... can we look forward to "The Challenge of Atheism", "The Challenge of Islam" and "The Challenge of Being a Moronic Christian" some time soon, Bill?), this slim and slight book, both in terms of content and quality, arrives in no bookshops any time in the future. It is, however, available online at Amazon, which is the platform Muehlenberg has self-published it through.

It's already garnered one review, from an R.B.McCoskrie, who raves: "This is a superb book. A must-read"...... And that's it. One can only hope that Mr McCoskrie doesn't pursue a career in literary criticism any time soon. The review is as thin as the book, and it seems likely, since the reviewer has only conjured a few other equally thin "reviews", that it's probably Muehlenberg awarding himself five stars.

For this book is every bit as embarrassing as Bill's desperate need for self-promotion and attention in self-publishing, and the pathetic review attached to it.

It's impossible to take seriously even from the cover of the book, which shows a very heavily pregnant woman cradling her stomach, with a stop sign around it. "Don't kill her baby," Muehlenberg is bleating. This is as misleading as it is outright dishonest. Most abortions are carried out within 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, and a woman won't even start to show a bump until around 12-18 weeks of pregnancy. No abortions are carried out after twenty-four weeks of pregnancy, so no heavily pregnant woman is eligible for an abortion. Muehlenberg's argument is so thin he has to resort even to an outright lie on the book's cover.

But perhaps the old adage of not judging a book by its cover should be adhered to. After all, Billy boy graciously allows a preview of the first few pages of his "book". There his arguments are as facile as they are on his blog, where he routinely labels abortion "baby killing", and thus loses any credibility he might otherwise have felt he had. A cluster of cells without a nervous system is not a baby. He even proposes a "slippery slope" argument (a favourite of the loony-right) that if abortion is permitted, then surely the killing of children once they are born will follow suit. Um, no Bill, because this is a straw man argument based on the false premise that aborted foetuses are fully-grown babies.

Muehlenberg twaddles on in this manner for in excess of one-hundred pages. If Mr McCoskrie truly sat and read it (unless McCoskrie really is Muehlenberg's role-playing name) then he must either be very patient or very stupid. Possibly both. Hard to see this one troubling the bestseller list. Another few boxes of unsold books will be joining Muehlenberg's titles attacking gay people. His garage must be full of unsold books by now.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Explained: why Bill Muehlenberg is a hater and a bigot

Could there possibly be a rational explanation for Bill Muehlenberg's extremist views and hatred of minorities? Until recently I didn't think so, and to be fair it could just be as simple as that he's an awful person: but I have recently been reading about a psychiatric condition and with every word I read I thought: Bill Muehlenberg.

He has paranoid personality disorder.

The condition, which is congenital, is characterised by extreme suspicion of others.
Individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder falsely believe that they are being victimized by others. They are highly critical of others, yet hypersensitive to criticism of themselves.
Uncanny. Bill is always talking about the "war" that he is "fighting" that "the other side started". He cannot tolerate any form of criticism of his views or beliefs, and reacts very angrily whenever anyone challenges him. As this blog has repeatedly proven, he resorts to censorship of comments when his allegations are challenged.
Minor slights arouse major hostility, and the hostile feelings persist for a long time. Their combative and suspicious nature may elicit a hostile response in others, which then serves to confirm their original expectations.
Take a look at the way Muehlenberg interacts with others, even fellow Christians who disagree with him. It ain't pretty. See An Encounter With Bill Muehlenberg for an insight into how he interacts with others.
Individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder are generally difficult to get along with and often have problems with close relationships because of their excessive suspiciousness and hostility. They usually are unable to collaborate well with others at work. 
Yes, Bill used to work at Monash University, but his extremist views made his position there untenable. He's only capable of working on his own, or with fellow extremists who shore up his paranoia.
They may have a need to have a high degree of control over those around them.
Well, we know that Bill has even removed the "your comment is awaiting moderation" feature to stop people like me proving that he is a manipulative liar and control freak, stopping free conversation and debate when it's not going his way. More disturbingly still, he promotes an anti-feminist stance which sees him asserting that patriarchal dominance is the correct and only family structure - conveniently for a control freak like him. One can only sympathise with his wife who puts up with this kind of bullying. His three children cannot be found online - do they even exist? Or does Muehlenberg insist on controlling every aspect of their lives too?
They may exhibit thinly hidden, unrealistic grandiose fantasies, are often attuned to issues of power and rank, and tend to develop negative stereotypes of others, particularly those from population groups distinct from their own.  
Wow! Well Muehlenberg thinks he's doing 'god's' work, and believes that the universe was created with him in mind. Tick! And he parades his negative and false stereotypes of Muslims, atheists and LGBT people on a daily basis on his website - all people from population groups distinct from his own.
More severely affected individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder may be perceived by others as “fanatics” and form tightly knit “cults” or groups with others who share their paranoid beliefs. 
Jackpot! Muehlenberg certainly puts the 'mentalist' into 'fundamentalist'. Any reasonable person would perceive someone who makes their living whipping up hatred against minorities and reading books only about Christian extremism as a fanatic. He has even started his own little cult in Culturewatch - a blog that attracts raving nutters who share his paranoid and extremist beliefs!

We think that decisively shows that Muehlenberg has Paranoid Personality Disorder. I wonder if most religious extremists and hate-leaders are similarly afflicted? And this in no way exonerates Muehlenberg of his extremist behaviour. He certainly needs psychiatric help to deal with his anger and hatred issues, but he still makes a conscious decision to make a living from peddling hate and bigotry.

Psychopaths are locked up for the physical safety of themselves and others. Whereas Muehlenberg keeps his hate in writing, for now, it's easy to see how some urgent psychiatry is needed before something pushes him over the edge.

Same sex marriage in Australia, for example?