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Monday, 30 November 2015

It's an abortion of a book, Bill

Not content with self-publishing two books attacking the LGBT community, Bill Muehlenberg has now turned the attention of his prolific anger against women who have an abortion, and their pro-choice supporters.

Imaginatively-titled "The Challenge of Abortion" (following on from his earlier tome, "The Challenge of Homosexuality"... can we look forward to "The Challenge of Atheism", "The Challenge of Islam" and "The Challenge of Being a Moronic Christian" some time soon, Bill?), this slim and slight book, both in terms of content and quality, arrives in no bookshops any time in the future. It is, however, available online at Amazon, which is the platform Muehlenberg has self-published it through.

It's already garnered one review, from an R.B.McCoskrie, who raves: "This is a superb book. A must-read"...... And that's it. One can only hope that Mr McCoskrie doesn't pursue a career in literary criticism any time soon. The review is as thin as the book, and it seems likely, since the reviewer has only conjured a few other equally thin "reviews", that it's probably Muehlenberg awarding himself five stars.

For this book is every bit as embarrassing as Bill's desperate need for self-promotion and attention in self-publishing, and the pathetic review attached to it.

It's impossible to take seriously even from the cover of the book, which shows a very heavily pregnant woman cradling her stomach, with a stop sign around it. "Don't kill her baby," Muehlenberg is bleating. This is as misleading as it is outright dishonest. Most abortions are carried out within 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, and a woman won't even start to show a bump until around 12-18 weeks of pregnancy. No abortions are carried out after twenty-four weeks of pregnancy, so no heavily pregnant woman is eligible for an abortion. Muehlenberg's argument is so thin he has to resort even to an outright lie on the book's cover.

But perhaps the old adage of not judging a book by its cover should be adhered to. After all, Billy boy graciously allows a preview of the first few pages of his "book". There his arguments are as facile as they are on his blog, where he routinely labels abortion "baby killing", and thus loses any credibility he might otherwise have felt he had. A cluster of cells without a nervous system is not a baby. He even proposes a "slippery slope" argument (a favourite of the loony-right) that if abortion is permitted, then surely the killing of children once they are born will follow suit. Um, no Bill, because this is a straw man argument based on the false premise that aborted foetuses are fully-grown babies.

Muehlenberg twaddles on in this manner for in excess of one-hundred pages. If Mr McCoskrie truly sat and read it (unless McCoskrie really is Muehlenberg's role-playing name) then he must either be very patient or very stupid. Possibly both. Hard to see this one troubling the bestseller list. Another few boxes of unsold books will be joining Muehlenberg's titles attacking gay people. His garage must be full of unsold books by now.


  1. Actually, abortions after 24 weeks of gestation are permitted in Victoria.

    1. Very rarely, and only in exceptional circumstances. But seriously, that's the best you can do?

  2. We need Bill Muehlenberg's wankblog like we need a hole in the head. Thanks for this review.