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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Bestseller Bill? More like Bullshit Bill

It turns out Bill's self-published homophobic hate 'books' aren't even a hit with his fellow crazy fundamentalists.

Even in a Christian bookshop you can't get hold of them, and the fundies who run the store say they're plagiarized!

This Facebook post came to my attention. It turns out, as always, that it's only Bill Muehlenberg with his massive ego and greatly inflated view of his own self-worth who thinks his nasty little tomes amount to anything.

His garage must be full of boxes of unsold books....

The names and pictures of the people involved have been removed for privacy.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Hypocrite Bill and his anti-science agenda

In a laughably mistitled piece, More Solid Science to Debunk the Gender Bender Idealogues, Bill Muehlenberg once again makes a complete and utter fool of himself when it comes to the subject of science.

In his piece, he plays what he thinks is a trump card, in that two "scientists" have "published" a "paper" in a "science journal" that claims that human sexuality is not innate. Therefore, the witless Muehlenberg concludes, it's proven once and for all beyond a shadow of a doubt that gay people choose to be gay, and therefore his bile, vitriol and hate towards the minority is entirely justified and they should be stripped of all civil rights.

Muehlenberg is so stupid and ignorant when it comes to science that it's truly mindboggling, and disentangling reality from the fantasy of his thought-processes is quite a challenge.

First of all, as it inevitably turns out, the "scientists" have repeatedly been discredited. Paul McHugh is already infamous for pushing a dubious homophobic agenda, and it turns out he is a conservative Christian. Surprise, surprise. His previous "studies" have been derided by the scientific community for their attempts to prove his own homophobic beliefs. McHugh has described transgender as a "mental disorder", and is notorious for his far-right bigoted beliefs, so unfortunately he has not been able to keep his prejudices outside of his research, which makes his "science" dubious to say the least.

You can read here and here about what is wrong with this dishonest pair's "research" (and the fact that The New Atlantis is not a scientific journal, which means their findings won't even be peer-reviewed).

The reason for writing this is to expose Muehlenberg's idiocy when it comes to science. Here is something alleging to be a scientific paper with a conclusion that Muehlenberg agrees with. Therefore, Muehlenberg says, it's proven that being gay is a choice. Case closed.

No, Muehlenberg, that's not what science is, and not how science works. There is no "proof" here. If this was a genuine scientific paper, it would be peer-reviewed, where other scientists in the field assess the strengths and weaknesses of the paper and refine the working hypotheses. Like I say, The New Atlantic isn't a proper scientific journal, so no scientists will waste their time peer-reviewing this disreputable duo's paper, which goes against the scientific consensus without adding anything new or of value.

Secondly, Muehlenberg is more than happy to submit to the authority of science when it suits his homophobic agenda. "See, look, real scientists say being gay is a choice, so that must be true." Yet when the overwhelming scientific consensus finds something that Muehlenberg disagrees with - evolution, say, or climate change - all of a sudden science has no authority, offers no proof, and is entirely wrong, and the overwhelming majority of scientists who accept the reality of evolution and climate change are simply "pushing an agenda".

There's a word for people like Muehlenberg, who want to pick and choose when science is true and when it's not. It begins with "H" and ends with "YPOCRITE".

Muehlenberg's not the only one. All the right-wing anti-science nutjobs under the sun - you know - the type of swivel-eyed ignoramuses who tell us the earth is only 6,000 years old, have suddenly found a new respect for science, because of this fatuous publication. They, like Muehlenberg, prove what hypocritical ignoramuses they really are. Again, no real surprises there.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Bill Muehlenberg should be sued for libel

Bill Muehlenberg thinks he's on a mission from god, and he believes that entitles him to do and say anything regardless of the consequences, or who he may hurt.

We're all for freedom of speech, and allowing Muehlenberg free reign with his outrageous homophobic bigotry, but when he sets about savaging real people, and damaging their reputations, we really do need to speak out.

In "It's all about me: Another Christian Celeb bites the dust", Muehlenberg attacks Trey Pearson, a Christian rocker who has recently come out as gay. Muehlenberg does so by framing his piece with what he says is a statement from Trey Pearson:
I am never going to be able to change how I am, and no matter how healthy our relationship becomes, it’s never going to change what I know deep down: that I am attracted to children…. (Bill Muehlenberg quoting Trey Pearson)
Although Muehlenberg then admits that Pearson never said anything of the sort, he deliberately misquotes Pearson to draw a moral equivalence between being gay and being a paedophile: that's being in a loving and consensual same-sex relationship, and raping children.

And Muehleberg's outrageous false analogy is so successful that JT Pearse then comments:
So abominably tragic. It may be paedophilia for him next, anyway. 
Clearly this person believes that Pearson is only one step away from raping kids.

It has to be said that this kind of low libel is illegal, and it's astonishing that Trey Pearson and his legal team aren't taking action to sue Muehlenberg. This kind of scurrilous attack is not just beyond decency and beyond social acceptability, it's also beyond the boundaries of the law. It's time Muehlenberg was brought to justice for his many attacks on innocent people.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Bill cries and stamps his feet - and his god doesn't listen

There's no more unappealing a trait in children than when they're spoilt and demanding. In adults, it's positively obscene. Bill Muehlenberg has these characteristics in spades: and the results are both comic and disturbing.

Poor old Muehlenberg has had a busy time of it of late, using his CultureWatch hate-blog to pour out his bile on a daily basis. His beef at the moment is that gay people continue to exist, and that Donald Trump has secured the American Republican nomination.

Taking the latter example first, Muehleberg wails in Trump vs Hillary: When God Forsakes a Nation:

"I was hoping I would never have to write this article. The news I received this morning has me feeling utterly sick. I still can’t believe it. I and so many others have been crying out to God, praying and fasting, asking for his mercy on America. But now it has come to this. With the Indiana results, we lost a Reagan Republican and we are now left with two New York liberals fighting it out. This really is the last days of America. I really cannot view this in any other light. RIP America."

He then goes on to petulantly point the finger at people who dare to not share his bigoted worldview as the root of the problem.

Albert Einstein, the Jewish-born godless heathen who Muehlenberg believes is roasting in hell for not believing a First Century Judean carpenter was his saviour, defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He's spot on. Muehlenberg thinks that if he clasps his hands together and mumbles to himself, or skips a meal (it's hard to believe someone as overweight as Muehlenberg would ever do that) that the universe will pay attention to him and give him what he wants. It doesn't seem to occur to him that other people suffering from the same delusion that the universe cares about them would have been praying for Trump to be nominated.

The thing is, both sets are equally childish and pathetic. Muehlenberg seriously thinks that he's entitled to get what he wants, just because he's spent time talking to himself about it. He is the definition of a spoilt child. The arrogance of the man is beyond calculation. Because he hasn't got his own way, he's thrown a hissy fit, pointed the finger at anyone who disagrees with him, and declared the end of the world.

Muehlenberg's reaction to the Trump nomination is, in a nutshell, emblematic of the intellectual emptiness and egomania of religious belief.

Not only that, but he's continued his long-standing tradition of missing the point. In Godless Corporations, Rampant Discrimination, and the Blackmailing of Christians, he quotes from Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce (in Bill's word a 'homosexual activist' - which means an openly gay man who won't be bullied into silence or suicide by angry bigots like Bill):

"If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere."

Dimwit Bill seems to think Joyce is blackmailing Christians. Christians know a lot about blackmail. It's the chief weapon they've used against gay people for centuries.

"Talk about a conspiracy theory. If even just some of this is true then it is shocking indeed. Here we have an amoral and immoral corporate world joining together to wage a war against faith, freedom and family. They are threatening everyone who affirms traditional marriage and family (which means billions of people around the world), telling them they have the power to keep them from flying or banking. This is fascist blackmail. This is homosexual totalitarians run amok. This is the end of freedom, democracy and Christianity if these evil tyrants get their evil way..."

Quick, nurse! The sedatives!

No, Bill, you witless fool, Joyce is saying that big businesses now support LGBT rights, and if anyone has a problem with that, then they will just have to stay home or keep their money stashed under the mattress, because bigotry is bad for business, and it's only a tiny minority of religious zealots like Muehlenberg who take their fear and loathing of LGBT people to the level of a martial art anyway. The world has changed, which is what Muehlenberg and his fellow knuckle-draggers refuse to acknowledge. If extremists like Muehlenberg wish to boycott businesses and services because they support their LGBT customers and employees, they are free to do so. But they'd need to go and live in a cave. Mentally, they already do, so I'm sure they'd be happy enough.

Finally, he's holding up as a hero some homophobe called Steve Bergen, who has taken his children out of a school that dares to show respect to its LGBT students. He is now ripping his children, aged 10, 13 and 15, out of their school to go to another one: all because the school promotes equality and fairness.

As usual, it doesn't occur to dimwits and bigots like Muehlenberg and Bergen that one or more of the children could be gay. No, they prefer to disrupt their children's lives and deny them emotional support and a balanced upbringing, all to promote their own nasty and intolerant beliefs.

What selfish, despicable, and childish people. Give it a few years and the grown-up children will disown them.

No doubt then they will keep on wailing and weeping and demand that the universe pay attention to their petulant and childish demands. Good luck with that.

Friday, 15 April 2016

The staggering hypocrisy of Bill Muehlenberg - Part 3,290

This blog has exposed the lies and hypocrisy of Bill Muehlenberg time and time again - yet sometimes his double standards are so outrageous he still continues to surprise even me!

Take this latest howler. In his article Intolerance in the Name of Tolerance, Bill is outraged about the pro-equality protests that have sprung up around the new bill in North Carolina that allows discrimination against LGBT people.

Because the government there dared to seek to protect children by not allowing adults into children’s bathrooms, the “tolerance” brigade is hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth. One leftist group after another has come out demonising the state and threatening it with any and every reprisal – all in the name of tolerance of course.

There are two points to make here. The first is that his assertion that "the government there dared to seek to protect children by not allowing adults into children’s bathrooms" is an outright lie. What even are 'children's bathrooms'? Is there such a thing? It's not even a misrepresentation of what the bill is about. It's a deliberate distortion. Like I say, another of Muehlenberg's lies. What the North Carolina bill is actually about is forcing transgender people to use the public bathrooms of their birth sex, even during or after transition. Anyone with any understanding of the issue will know that such an act is humiliating and wholly inappropriate for all concerned. It would mean men in women's bathrooms and women in men's bathrooms - thus creating the problem that the bill seems to think it will solve. It will also, and of course Muehlenberg is entirely silent on this point, allow gay people to be discriminated against and abused in the workplace, and deny parity to same-sex couples. With such a threat to the liberty, health and wellbeing of LGBT people, it's hardly surprising that people are peaceably exercising their democratic right to protest this inhumane bill, by withdrawing business from the state, or by artists such as Bruce Springsteen cancelling a concert there.

Bill concludes:

Many have warned about the tolerance fascists that we face today.

Right, so opposing fascism is, um, fascism. OK, Bill.

The following day, Bill posts another rant, this time entitled, Clear Thinking About Christians in the Public Square. One always has to stifle a giggle any time Muehlenberg makes claims about "clear thinking" - but anyway. Here, his point of view has shifted to the exact opposite of what it was the day before:

But then we have other believers who seem to get bent out of shape when Christians decide to take a principled stance on issues that they are rightly concerned about. They get all antsy when Christians actually start being responsible social citizens, and let their faith impact on what they buy, where they go, and who they patronise.

Bill raises this because the Roman Catholic Church is essentially bullying Telstra into withdrawing its support for marriage equality in Australia. This is how Bill sees it:

Um, what? “Commercial threats”? “Pressure tactics”? I thought it was called living in a democracy. I thought it was called exercising your right to act according to conscience as you see fit. I thought it was called exercising our buying power responsibly. If Christians decide that a company or business or group is pushing agendas which they cannot or will not be comfortable in supporting, they have every right to take their business elsewhere. Why shouldn’t they? It is called choosing to act in accordance with one’s values. It is called enjoying the benefits of living in a free society.

Ah - right! So according to Bill, people when people with a different opinion to him refuse to support an agenda they see as hostile, inhumane and bigoted, and take their business elsewhere, they are "intolerant" and "fascists" and "bullying". Yet when he does exactly the same thing, he is discerning and wise and "enjoying the benefits of living in a free society".

The double standards from these folks are utterly amazing to behold.

They sure are, Bill. They sure are.

Nobody does hypocrisy as well as the religious. Muehlenberg is proof of that time and time again.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Bill Muehlenberg publishes comment calling for the deaths of Early Childhood Australia’s staff

Whilst we're all for freedom of speech, it clearly has limits. We have been warning for a long time that Bill Muehlenberg's extremist views and hate speech are dangerous, and several times they have crossed a line by calling for violence against innocent people.

Nowhere is this more glaringly obvious than in a comment by David Clay that Bill Muehlenberg approved on his post Get Your Hands Off Our Children.

Muehlenberg posted the article on March 6th 2016.

This is David Clay's comment, which he posted at 9am on 6th March:

All comments on Bill Muehlenberg's CultureWatch are vigorously moderated by Muehlenberg and he seldom allows a comment that doesn't agree with his worldview to be posted. The comment by Clay would not have appeared on the article without Muehlenberg's assent and approval.

The comment, which accuses Early Childhood Australia staff of being paedophiles and perpetrating acts of sexual abuse against children, then further calls for them to be put on "death row" - a clear statement that Early Childhood Australia staff should be put to death. This comment goes well beyond freedom of speech and crosses into the dangerous territory of stirring up hate speech and endangering innocent people's lives. It is also clearly libellous.

The comment has since been deleted by Bill Muehlenberg, who clearly realises that it is indefensible and ought to lead to libel action being taken against him, if not criminal investigation for endangering the lives of innocent people, but the damage has already been done in posting it in the first place.

This is not the first time that Muehlenberg has called for violence against innocent people. He calls for armed rebellion for when equal marriage is approved in Australia.

Are the authorities seriously not looking into the actions of Bill Muehlenberg? Or do innocent people need to be defamed and threatened with death before anyone will take note?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Jihadi Bill and his calls for violence against Muslim people

Bill Muehlenberg has recently given his anger and hatred against gay people a rest and turned his bile onto Muslims, with article after article suggestion that Muslim immigrants in the West have turned up purely to rape, pillage, and spread Islam by force.
Yes this is war. Of course Islam has declared war against the West for 1400 years now. The only question left to ask is this: will Europe side with its enemies and commit continental suicide, or will it wake up and respond before it is too late?
Really, Bill, war? And I'm pretty sure the Crusades were a case of western aggression against Muslims, who were busy living quite happily before they were forcefully invaded by raping, pillaging, murdering Christian thugs. Doubtless had Jihadi Bill been around in the Thirteenth Century he would have been on the front line. Apparently this is truly what Jihadi Bill believes, and nowhere is it plainer that he has granted himself the right to denigrate and attack Muslims than in his post Stand With Brave Heidi Against Creeping Sharia.

In it, he gushes and fawns over a woman called Heidi Mund. Why? Because she charged into an interfaith event designed to foster unity and fellowship between Christians and Muslims, and interrupted an imam's prayers shouting, "I break this curse." Muehlenberg openly admires such bullying and abuse. He doesn't care that this woman's actions spoiled the peaceful event for hundreds of people, nor does he care that she may have ruined any good will between Christians and Muslims who were gathered. No, Bill wants war with Muslims, which is why he makes such strenuous efforts to dehumanize them and persuade his fellow bigots that Muslims aren't entitled to even basic civility.

Interestingly, one of Bill's own, Emma Joyce, has two comments under the article. She raises an interesting and fair point: would you feel if your church service was loudly and abusively invaded by a Muslim yelling that Allah is the one true God (which they believe as truth with all the sincerity of Heidi)? Would you not be horrified and think it the height of bad manners? Would you not expect them to extend you more courtesy than that when you are at worship?
Bill's reply drips with his usual anger and haughty arrogance for anyone daring to challenge his opinion, and he even mentions the non-existent 'all out war':
...we have here with Islam a false anti-Christ religion and a political ideology which is raping, murdering and beheading people, and destroying entire Christian communities, yet all some people can do is whinge about “manners”. Sorry, but with priorities like that, no wonder we keep losing, and no wonder the jihadists are making so much progress.
You'll notice at once that Bill is bringing jihad, rape, murder and decapitation into a peaceful event, as if Heidi Mund has somehow brought down an act of Muslim terror or a plot against Christians - a complete straw man, if not an outright falsification, in a vain attempt to justify his glorification of hostility against Muslims. He also openly attacks the commenter, accusing her of 'whinging', when all she has done is to ask a perfectly reasonable question that Bill won't answer.

In fact, he refuses to answer Heidi's perfectly reasonable question because he's an intellectual coward. Of course, if a Muslim were to interrupt a Christian service the same way Miss Mund interrupted the Imam, Bill would be at his keyboard until the keys were steaming stating it proves what awful people Muslims are and how they are declaring war against Christians, subverting their right to freedom of religion etc. etc. etc. And he would bang on about it for a week. It's another clear example of Bill Muehlenberg's outright hypocrisy.

Here, in Bill's outright refusal to answer a simple challenge, and to falsely insert 'jihad' into a peaceful situation, we can see very clearly that he doesn't think Muslims are entitled to any courtesy or respect, but he honestly believes they can be treated with hostility and contempt simply because they are not Christian. Bill cherrypicks a few bible verses, as if they give him biblical warrant to bully and abuse anyone who doesn't believe exactly the same as him. It is as contemptible as it is arrogant.

You'll notice that Emma Joyce only has two comments. I wonder if she fell foul of Bill's "three strikes and you're out" rule, which he has stated himself? This translates as, "You have three opportunities to agree with me. If you still challenge my views, I will ban you and censor you." Bill is a bully who hides away from debate and challenge behind shouting louder, hurling abuse and then censorship.

Yet his bullying and abuse should not go unchallenged. He is calling for war against Muslims and stirring up hatred. He is championing a woman who deliberately hijacked and subverted a peaceful interfaith event that any civilised person should endorse. He has made it clear he doesn't want peace, he doesn't want dialogue, he wants Muslims out of the West, or else he will do all he can to stir up war and aggression against a mostly peaceful and assimilating minority, many of whom have left countries ravaged by war.

He's entitled to his view, but when he is endorsing civil disobedience and advocating violence against peaceful Muslims, surely the authorities should be monitoring him?