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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Jihadi Bill and his calls for violence against Muslim people

Bill Muehlenberg has recently given his anger and hatred against gay people a rest and turned his bile onto Muslims, with article after article suggestion that Muslim immigrants in the West have turned up purely to rape, pillage, and spread Islam by force.
Yes this is war. Of course Islam has declared war against the West for 1400 years now. The only question left to ask is this: will Europe side with its enemies and commit continental suicide, or will it wake up and respond before it is too late?
Really, Bill, war? And I'm pretty sure the Crusades were a case of western aggression against Muslims, who were busy living quite happily before they were forcefully invaded by raping, pillaging, murdering Christian thugs. Doubtless had Jihadi Bill been around in the Thirteenth Century he would have been on the front line. Apparently this is truly what Jihadi Bill believes, and nowhere is it plainer that he has granted himself the right to denigrate and attack Muslims than in his post Stand With Brave Heidi Against Creeping Sharia.

In it, he gushes and fawns over a woman called Heidi Mund. Why? Because she charged into an interfaith event designed to foster unity and fellowship between Christians and Muslims, and interrupted an imam's prayers shouting, "I break this curse." Muehlenberg openly admires such bullying and abuse. He doesn't care that this woman's actions spoiled the peaceful event for hundreds of people, nor does he care that she may have ruined any good will between Christians and Muslims who were gathered. No, Bill wants war with Muslims, which is why he makes such strenuous efforts to dehumanize them and persuade his fellow bigots that Muslims aren't entitled to even basic civility.

Interestingly, one of Bill's own, Emma Joyce, has two comments under the article. She raises an interesting and fair point: would you feel if your church service was loudly and abusively invaded by a Muslim yelling that Allah is the one true God (which they believe as truth with all the sincerity of Heidi)? Would you not be horrified and think it the height of bad manners? Would you not expect them to extend you more courtesy than that when you are at worship?
Bill's reply drips with his usual anger and haughty arrogance for anyone daring to challenge his opinion, and he even mentions the non-existent 'all out war':
...we have here with Islam a false anti-Christ religion and a political ideology which is raping, murdering and beheading people, and destroying entire Christian communities, yet all some people can do is whinge about “manners”. Sorry, but with priorities like that, no wonder we keep losing, and no wonder the jihadists are making so much progress.
You'll notice at once that Bill is bringing jihad, rape, murder and decapitation into a peaceful event, as if Heidi Mund has somehow brought down an act of Muslim terror or a plot against Christians - a complete straw man, if not an outright falsification, in a vain attempt to justify his glorification of hostility against Muslims. He also openly attacks the commenter, accusing her of 'whinging', when all she has done is to ask a perfectly reasonable question that Bill won't answer.

In fact, he refuses to answer Heidi's perfectly reasonable question because he's an intellectual coward. Of course, if a Muslim were to interrupt a Christian service the same way Miss Mund interrupted the Imam, Bill would be at his keyboard until the keys were steaming stating it proves what awful people Muslims are and how they are declaring war against Christians, subverting their right to freedom of religion etc. etc. etc. And he would bang on about it for a week. It's another clear example of Bill Muehlenberg's outright hypocrisy.

Here, in Bill's outright refusal to answer a simple challenge, and to falsely insert 'jihad' into a peaceful situation, we can see very clearly that he doesn't think Muslims are entitled to any courtesy or respect, but he honestly believes they can be treated with hostility and contempt simply because they are not Christian. Bill cherrypicks a few bible verses, as if they give him biblical warrant to bully and abuse anyone who doesn't believe exactly the same as him. It is as contemptible as it is arrogant.

You'll notice that Emma Joyce only has two comments. I wonder if she fell foul of Bill's "three strikes and you're out" rule, which he has stated himself? This translates as, "You have three opportunities to agree with me. If you still challenge my views, I will ban you and censor you." Bill is a bully who hides away from debate and challenge behind shouting louder, hurling abuse and then censorship.

Yet his bullying and abuse should not go unchallenged. He is calling for war against Muslims and stirring up hatred. He is championing a woman who deliberately hijacked and subverted a peaceful interfaith event that any civilised person should endorse. He has made it clear he doesn't want peace, he doesn't want dialogue, he wants Muslims out of the West, or else he will do all he can to stir up war and aggression against a mostly peaceful and assimilating minority, many of whom have left countries ravaged by war.

He's entitled to his view, but when he is endorsing civil disobedience and advocating violence against peaceful Muslims, surely the authorities should be monitoring him?


  1. Mr. Mulenberg needs to be careful as his near declaration of war will likely breach section 9 of Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act that makes it unlawful to incite hatred or contempt for persons based on their religion. I have long since believed that many of his articles that demean LGBT people will probably breach the equivalent vilification provisions in NSW and Queensland that include sexuality and gender identity. I would welcome such a case against him as it may help to limit or reduce the extent of some of the bigotry that his published on his website, although I suspect a lawsuit would turn him into a Matyr among conservatives and the free speech brigade.

    1. Thanks Julia. Yes, Muehlenberg sincerely believes that because he holds conservative Xtian views, that entitles him to say whatever he likes and act however he pleases. He's as arrogant as he is unpleasant. Unfortunately, he doesn't believe anybody else should have any freedom of conscience, speech or action. He's a very dangerous extremist.

    2. Thanks Richie. An extremist - quite likely. Certainly a reactionary and a person who's views demonstrate a reverence for some level of theocracy. Fortunately I don't believe Mr. Muehlenberg has a great deal of political clout outside conservative Christian circles. I imagine he has some prominence within evangelical churches, minor Christian parties and lobby groups and possibly association with certain LNP parliamentarians and cabinet minister, but I do not imagine he has much power to sway policy decisions or influence legislation. He's not a public figure and I haven't seen his name attach to an article in mainstream media sources, not even the Australian or the Herald Sun. The danger he presents would simply be the fact that his words may have the power to incite hatred against sexual and religious minorities.

  2. I don't agree that Muehlenberg does hold Christian views, i don't recognise what he writes as Christianity. I also have tried to challenge his views on his website - not a single one of my responses have ever been published.

  3. Julia, I agree that BM is a hateful bigot, but I also disagree with the Acts you say he breaches. I am a part of the "free speech brigade" because without free speech all other freedoms are lost.

    I have hatred and contempt for all religions, including Muehlenberg's and I must be free to express that without being hauled before a star chamber. Religious views, indeed all views, do not deserve respect or the protection of the law. People do.

    Vilifying a religion or a political party is not the same as vilifying the individual adherents of that religion or political party.


    1. Hi David. Thanks for your reply. Whether you agree or not, the Victorian legislation does apply to groups of people based on religion

      While they're may be merit in legislation only protecting people, as is the case with defamation, it's still possible that words stated against a religion could incite acts of violence against followers of that religion as people.

      I haven't read bills work, but if he's talking about Muslims as a group of people rather than Islam as a set of theological beliefs then yes calling for a war could well breach the provision

  4. There are no mainstream media outlets in English covering this story, though that's not surprising as it did happen in Germany. Interesting enough I f you put Mund's name into google all you get is a number of far right wing and Christian sites running very similar hatchet jobs to Mulenberg. Sad to say he's not alone in his rhetoric. Most of the right wing commentary on the case seems to commend Mund for her actions and claim that the response, there's suggestions Mund will be charged with a public order offence, is an instance of Sharia law in Germany or that it's similar to the rise of the Nazi's in the 1930 (proving conservatives have a limited understanding of history at the very least). This hyperbolic persecution complex being touted by the religious right is becoming very tiresome.

  5. Mr Muehlenberg is at it again with this not-very-subtle call to action on April 19:
    "The early Christians did just that: they turned their world upside down. We need another such Christian revolution, or counter-revolution. I am certainly committed to it. Who will join me?"

    A dangerous individual that I doubt will ever change.

  6. I've just discovered your blog. Great work! Sincerely I don't know how you do it. Just reading Bill's ongoing hatred makes me sad and depressed. I still don't understand why he/they spend so much of their time fighting homosexuality (they still think it's a mental disorder). Talking about mental disorders:

  7. I wonder if you and your readers are aware of the plight of Christians in Muslim majority nations. For starters, it's often very difficult, if not impossible for groups of Christians to meet together or hold church services. The fact is that there are plenty of documented incidents of angry Muslim mobs disrupting church services, and vandalising or burning down church buildings.

    You can also be ostracised by your community, and there is often intense pressure placed upon Christians to convert to Islam. They are also often required to pay a punitive jizya tax for protection, but this also means being treated as a second class citizen.