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Friday, 15 April 2016

The staggering hypocrisy of Bill Muehlenberg - Part 3,290

This blog has exposed the lies and hypocrisy of Bill Muehlenberg time and time again - yet sometimes his double standards are so outrageous he still continues to surprise even me!

Take this latest howler. In his article Intolerance in the Name of Tolerance, Bill is outraged about the pro-equality protests that have sprung up around the new bill in North Carolina that allows discrimination against LGBT people.

Because the government there dared to seek to protect children by not allowing adults into children’s bathrooms, the “tolerance” brigade is hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth. One leftist group after another has come out demonising the state and threatening it with any and every reprisal – all in the name of tolerance of course.

There are two points to make here. The first is that his assertion that "the government there dared to seek to protect children by not allowing adults into children’s bathrooms" is an outright lie. What even are 'children's bathrooms'? Is there such a thing? It's not even a misrepresentation of what the bill is about. It's a deliberate distortion. Like I say, another of Muehlenberg's lies. What the North Carolina bill is actually about is forcing transgender people to use the public bathrooms of their birth sex, even during or after transition. Anyone with any understanding of the issue will know that such an act is humiliating and wholly inappropriate for all concerned. It would mean men in women's bathrooms and women in men's bathrooms - thus creating the problem that the bill seems to think it will solve. It will also, and of course Muehlenberg is entirely silent on this point, allow gay people to be discriminated against and abused in the workplace, and deny parity to same-sex couples. With such a threat to the liberty, health and wellbeing of LGBT people, it's hardly surprising that people are peaceably exercising their democratic right to protest this inhumane bill, by withdrawing business from the state, or by artists such as Bruce Springsteen cancelling a concert there.

Bill concludes:

Many have warned about the tolerance fascists that we face today.

Right, so opposing fascism is, um, fascism. OK, Bill.

The following day, Bill posts another rant, this time entitled, Clear Thinking About Christians in the Public Square. One always has to stifle a giggle any time Muehlenberg makes claims about "clear thinking" - but anyway. Here, his point of view has shifted to the exact opposite of what it was the day before:

But then we have other believers who seem to get bent out of shape when Christians decide to take a principled stance on issues that they are rightly concerned about. They get all antsy when Christians actually start being responsible social citizens, and let their faith impact on what they buy, where they go, and who they patronise.

Bill raises this because the Roman Catholic Church is essentially bullying Telstra into withdrawing its support for marriage equality in Australia. This is how Bill sees it:

Um, what? “Commercial threats”? “Pressure tactics”? I thought it was called living in a democracy. I thought it was called exercising your right to act according to conscience as you see fit. I thought it was called exercising our buying power responsibly. If Christians decide that a company or business or group is pushing agendas which they cannot or will not be comfortable in supporting, they have every right to take their business elsewhere. Why shouldn’t they? It is called choosing to act in accordance with one’s values. It is called enjoying the benefits of living in a free society.

Ah - right! So according to Bill, people when people with a different opinion to him refuse to support an agenda they see as hostile, inhumane and bigoted, and take their business elsewhere, they are "intolerant" and "fascists" and "bullying". Yet when he does exactly the same thing, he is discerning and wise and "enjoying the benefits of living in a free society".

The double standards from these folks are utterly amazing to behold.

They sure are, Bill. They sure are.

Nobody does hypocrisy as well as the religious. Muehlenberg is proof of that time and time again.