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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Bill cries and stamps his feet - and his god doesn't listen

There's no more unappealing a trait in children than when they're spoilt and demanding. In adults, it's positively obscene. Bill Muehlenberg has these characteristics in spades: and the results are both comic and disturbing.

Poor old Muehlenberg has had a busy time of it of late, using his CultureWatch hate-blog to pour out his bile on a daily basis. His beef at the moment is that gay people continue to exist, and that Donald Trump has secured the American Republican nomination.

Taking the latter example first, Muehleberg wails in Trump vs Hillary: When God Forsakes a Nation:

"I was hoping I would never have to write this article. The news I received this morning has me feeling utterly sick. I still can’t believe it. I and so many others have been crying out to God, praying and fasting, asking for his mercy on America. But now it has come to this. With the Indiana results, we lost a Reagan Republican and we are now left with two New York liberals fighting it out. This really is the last days of America. I really cannot view this in any other light. RIP America."

He then goes on to petulantly point the finger at people who dare to not share his bigoted worldview as the root of the problem.

Albert Einstein, the Jewish-born godless heathen who Muehlenberg believes is roasting in hell for not believing a First Century Judean carpenter was his saviour, defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He's spot on. Muehlenberg thinks that if he clasps his hands together and mumbles to himself, or skips a meal (it's hard to believe someone as overweight as Muehlenberg would ever do that) that the universe will pay attention to him and give him what he wants. It doesn't seem to occur to him that other people suffering from the same delusion that the universe cares about them would have been praying for Trump to be nominated.

The thing is, both sets are equally childish and pathetic. Muehlenberg seriously thinks that he's entitled to get what he wants, just because he's spent time talking to himself about it. He is the definition of a spoilt child. The arrogance of the man is beyond calculation. Because he hasn't got his own way, he's thrown a hissy fit, pointed the finger at anyone who disagrees with him, and declared the end of the world.

Muehlenberg's reaction to the Trump nomination is, in a nutshell, emblematic of the intellectual emptiness and egomania of religious belief.

Not only that, but he's continued his long-standing tradition of missing the point. In Godless Corporations, Rampant Discrimination, and the Blackmailing of Christians, he quotes from Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce (in Bill's word a 'homosexual activist' - which means an openly gay man who won't be bullied into silence or suicide by angry bigots like Bill):

"If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere."

Dimwit Bill seems to think Joyce is blackmailing Christians. Christians know a lot about blackmail. It's the chief weapon they've used against gay people for centuries.

"Talk about a conspiracy theory. If even just some of this is true then it is shocking indeed. Here we have an amoral and immoral corporate world joining together to wage a war against faith, freedom and family. They are threatening everyone who affirms traditional marriage and family (which means billions of people around the world), telling them they have the power to keep them from flying or banking. This is fascist blackmail. This is homosexual totalitarians run amok. This is the end of freedom, democracy and Christianity if these evil tyrants get their evil way..."

Quick, nurse! The sedatives!

No, Bill, you witless fool, Joyce is saying that big businesses now support LGBT rights, and if anyone has a problem with that, then they will just have to stay home or keep their money stashed under the mattress, because bigotry is bad for business, and it's only a tiny minority of religious zealots like Muehlenberg who take their fear and loathing of LGBT people to the level of a martial art anyway. The world has changed, which is what Muehlenberg and his fellow knuckle-draggers refuse to acknowledge. If extremists like Muehlenberg wish to boycott businesses and services because they support their LGBT customers and employees, they are free to do so. But they'd need to go and live in a cave. Mentally, they already do, so I'm sure they'd be happy enough.

Finally, he's holding up as a hero some homophobe called Steve Bergen, who has taken his children out of a school that dares to show respect to its LGBT students. He is now ripping his children, aged 10, 13 and 15, out of their school to go to another one: all because the school promotes equality and fairness.

As usual, it doesn't occur to dimwits and bigots like Muehlenberg and Bergen that one or more of the children could be gay. No, they prefer to disrupt their children's lives and deny them emotional support and a balanced upbringing, all to promote their own nasty and intolerant beliefs.

What selfish, despicable, and childish people. Give it a few years and the grown-up children will disown them.

No doubt then they will keep on wailing and weeping and demand that the universe pay attention to their petulant and childish demands. Good luck with that.


  1. I am sure you'll be interested by this public thread on fb. That level of ignorance and hatred...

  2. Donald Trump may not be a hardline "conservative" given his rampant flip flopping on many issue and general lack of policies but to call him a Liberal is drawing a long bow. I would have said his racist rhetoric with comments like "we should ban all muslims from coming to america," and "undocumented migrants are bringing drugs, crime and are rapists," isn't a hop skip and a jump away from Mr. Mulenberg's own anti-islamic sentiment - mere months ago you called him out for posting comments implying he wanted a war with Islam. Mr. Trump has also been rather dissatisfied with President Obama in a similar vein to Mr. Mulenberg. I seem to recall he was the front runner for the dubious "birther movement." And Mr. Trump is certainly no friend to the LGBT community - he has previously stated he would amend the Civil Rights provisions of the US code to include Sexual orientation and gender identity as protected attributes, and did not support Transphobic bathroom laws when questioned on the subject, but like everything he's flip-flopped on that to - he's supported the homophobic "first amendment defence act" and suggested he'll appoint Supreme Court judges who would rule to overturn the Marriage Equality Decision. What exactly is Mr. Mulenberg's dissatisfaction with the Trump campaign - Perhaps he is, like some prominent republicans such as Mitt Romeny, disavowing in principal a candidate who openly makes racist, sexist and xenophobic comments but given his own rhetoric, I doubt that is the case.

  3. Thanks for this very valuable blog. Muehlenberg is unusual in that he is a total failure in everything he attempts. If he supports a particular campaign, it always fails in the long run. His next major flub will be the gay and lesbian marriage issue and then I don't know what he'll do. Maybe go back to Wisconsin and good riddance.