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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Perhaps the most disturbing words ever from the disturbed mind of Muehlenberg

Bill Muehlenberg recently penned a piece called, "No, God is not Transgender". I don't disagree with him on that. A figment of the human imagination isn't anything, because it doesn't exist in reality.

But to understand just how wicked, immoral, judgemental and disturbed Muehlenberg's mind really is, take a look at what he says in this article. I am quoting verbatim. There is no editing for me or taking out of context: this truly is what the sewer of his mind believes:

Because of sin and its universal impact, people are born far from the ideal that God had for us. So some people are born with a limb missing, or a missing finger, or they are born blind, or they may be born with a cleft lip, or with Down syndrome or with other chromosome abnormalities.

There you have it, folks. Bill Muehlenberg believes that disabled people are the way they are because of "sin". Bill Muehlenberg believes that people with learning difficulties or physical abnormalities are like that because they are being punished by his twisted deity who is acting out of vengeance for having been offended.

Followed through to its logical conclusion, this means every single time Bill Muehlenberg sees a disabled person, whether it's somebody in a wheelchair, somebody with Down's Syndrome or a paraplegic, he doesn't see a beautiful individual person and a precious human life, he sees someone who has offended his deity and is therefore a living example of punishment. Just as when he sees a loving gay couple, he doesn't see anything but two human lives that can be reduced to only "sin".

Just how vile can any person be? And what of the loving parents of handicapped children who dedicate their lives to looking after their much-loved but extremely needful offspring who rely on parental dedication? According to Muehlenberg's logic, these heroic parents are being punished too by his deity, further victims of god's need to punish people for 'sin'.

Above and beyond Muehlenberg's unconscionable and continued attacks on gays, atheists, trans, Muslims and tolerant, kind Christians, this is easily the vilest thing he has ever said, and has to be called out as an affront to human decency.

This is the pit of depravity Muehlenberg's beliefs lead to.